Guide to Have Your Kids Clean up Their Mess at Home

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One of the most impor­tant things par­ents should do it teach their chil­dren how to take care of them­selves. This task some­times turns out to be too hard for most par­ents because in most cas­es it is too hard for them to suc­ceed in mak­ing their kids put their clothes and socks away.

How­ev­er, if you suc­ceed in teach­ing your chil­dren how to clean up their mess at home, it will be eas­ier for you to make them cre­ate some use­ful habits and be respon­si­ble to them­selves and their lives. The “Go and clean up your room” request usu­al­ly gets a respon­se of slam­ming doors and even hurt feel­ings. So, par­ents should remem­ber that chil­dren nor­mal­ly learn best when they are offered pos­i­tive role mod­els and encour­age­ment. Do not push them too hard or offend them in any way.

  • Make a request, not a com­mand

The truth is that chil­dren usu­al­ly give up eas­i­ly when it comes to clean­ing the big mess they have left ear­lier. Still, they should be taught to be per­sis­tent and care­ful­ly deal with all the tasks they have by divid­ing them in sev­er­al parts that are eas­ier to man­age.

In addi­tion, chil­dren reach more sym­pa­thet­ic to their par­ents’ requests to help them with the clean­ing process if a speci­fic task is given to them. A great approach is to also help them over the process and show them you care for them.

  • Give them a choice

When your chil­dren get big­ger, you can also offer them a choice of a few thing that should be done. It is impor­tant not to use the domes­tic clean­ing chores as a pun­ish­ment, because this is how you will make it even more unpleas­ant for them to do.

  • Make a clean­ing sched­ule

A good approach is to make a list or a sched­ule with all the clean­ing chores for the week and give a speci­fic task for every mem­ber of your fam­i­ly. This will def­i­nite­ly boost the sense of respon­si­bil­i­ty in your chil­dren, not to men­tion the fact that it will make them more empa­thet­ic to your fam­i­ly activ­i­ties.

  • Ask your chil­dren join in

All chil­dren are curi­ous. So, make them part of your week­ly clean­ing rou­tine. A good idea is to also ask them about their opin­ion or ask for an advice how things could be made eas­ier and quick­er. By doing this, you will show your chil­dren that you care for their opin­ion, not to men­tion the fact that they will real­ly feel like part of the fam­i­ly, and this is to help them cre­ate use­ful habits and an abil­i­ty to work in a team. It will also bring them sense of respon­si­bil­i­ty and lead­er­ship.

  • Be fair when sep­a­rat­ing the tasks

Remem­ber that all clean­ing tasks should be given in cor­re­spon­dence to the child’s age and skills. Domes­tic­Clean­Lon­don Wim­ble­don advis­es you to give the eas­i­est tasks to the youngest ones and the hard­est ones to the big chil­dren. Also, do not for­get to talk to them. You should explain why is keep­ing your home clean and well-organ­ised is so impor­tant and always show them how to do the domes­tic clean­ing chores prop­er­ly.

  • Make clean­ing a lot of fun

You should teach your chil­dren to be care­ful and atten­tive when doing the home clean­ing tasks. But you should still remem­ber that they are only chil­dren and such tasks usu­al­ly get them bored eas­i­ly. So, try to make some fun out of the domes­tic clean­ing. Make a small com­pe­ti­tion with prizes or play a game. Be cre­ative. Chil­dren love com­pe­ti­tions and games, so this would be a great way to make them clean the mess quick­er.

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  2. Thanks Iso­bel for the­se prac­ti­cal tips. I will def­i­nite­ly need them as I am rais­ing a tod­dler. Thanks Ruchi for bring­ing this to us.

  3. This is actu­al­ly very nice! Edu­ca­tion­al, fun and a rela­tion­ship build­ing hehe. I have to learn this too for my kids hehe. As of now, we hire clean­ers from for our month­ly gen­er­al clean­ing. I hope my com­ment helps out too! Thanks!!

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