5 Top Bollywood Celebrities who is #GIVINGLIFE with Adoption


Adop­tion Process is lit­tle lengthy in INDIA but as our bol­ly­wood indus­try plays an impor­tant part in our life, bring­ing top 5 Bol­ly­wood celebri­ties who went for this adop­tion process and now #Giv­ingLife to lit­tle ones in shap­ing their life.

    1.Salim Khan        text-5335-arpitasalim

Arpita’s mar­riage was in news as Salman Khan was per­son­al­ly look­ing for all arrange­ments, this princess of fam­i­ly was adopt­ed by Salman Khan’s father Sal­im and his sec­ond wife Helen Arpi­ta whose moth­er died on a foot­path in Mum­bai. She tied the knot with busi­ness­man Aayush Shar­ma in 2014 and gave birth to a boy

2.Susmita Sen           download

The for­mer Miss Uni­verse, at the age of 25, adopt­ed a girl and named her Renee. As Renee got old­er, the actress then adoped Alisah in 2009, who was just  three-mon­th old that time.

3.Mithun Chakarvoty   mi 

 Mithun Chakraborty and his wife Yogee­ta adopt­ed Dis­hani after the birth of his three sons Mahaak­shay, Namashi and Ush­mey. The girl is con­sid­ered to be the most pam­pered child out of the four. She also accom­pa­nies her par­ents to film func­tions and fam­i­ly events.

4.Raveena Tandon     raveena

Tan­don was a sin­gle moth­er back in her Bol­ly­wood days after she adopt­ed Poo­ja and Chhaya in 1995. She tied the knot with Anil Thadani and has two chil­dren, a son and a daugh­ter, from him.

5.Kunal kholi               kunal

Direc­tor of Teri Meri Kahaani Kunal Kohli and his wife Rav­ina Kohli adopt­ed Rad­ha Kohli after going through a this lengthy process.


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  1. Yes when i read about how Raveena Tan­don gave away her daugh­ter at her wed­ding I was quite sur­prised. I wasn’t aware she had two adopt­ed daugh­ters pri­or to her wed­ding. Nice of the­se celebri­ties to adopt and give mean­ing­ful lives to the chil­dren. Ruchie this the­me is good for the site.

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