Connect to kids

Connect to Kids

It’s a blessing if you are enjoying parenthood and it’s really important to understand and giving them right values. Connect to kids and give them the value they can treasure forever. 


Kids as we call them face of God understands parents every word and believe in that. Your kid is important to you but more important is how you treat him/her daily.

5 simple things which you should daily tell your kid once to feel him/her more connected to you

#1 Connect to Kids:  I LOVE YOU



Love is one language understand by every creature of God so at least in a day tell your kid how much you love him and love being with him …how much they add value to your life…

Love adds value to any relationship and it’s better to express this feeling to your kids as this is the purest form of Love.


2# Connect to Kids: I TRUST YOU


You are your kids first friend… Just be a friend and tell them that u trust them believe in them .. Yes, they will learn to tell you all their problems n tensions without a feeling of fear!! They will know yes, You trust them!! 

Few days back I was watching some crime series and it was showing that as parents were not trusting their little 12-year-old daughter made their life biggest mistake. Listen to them trust their words as for them you are most safe people in the world.




Involve them in your happiness share your worries and listen to them tell them every celebration is happy if a special person like you are part of it. Make them feel that special feeling, after all, they are special and need that special treatment.


4# Connect To Kids: APPRECIATE THEM


Tell your kid that yes they made you proud on their simple help or anything…don’t hesitate to say thank you appreciate them for their little help to them ..tell them that they made u happy.

Appreciation is something which will make them carry on with good deeds.


5# Connect To kids: YOU CAN DO IT


Every kid needs some moral support, trust, and backup …tell your kid to keep trying ..learn from failures and be grounded on winning!!

This is one such learning even I gained from my parents and passing same to my kids.



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Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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  1. very well written 🙂 beautifully described parenting 🙂 <3

  2. What a simple yet beautiful post, Ruchi! I wish every parent follows these salient points. It is imperative to appreciate your child and let them feel that you are always available for them! Lovely pics <3

  3. Beautiful post Ruchie! It is always important for parents to show the way for their children. Appreciation is very important and you have rightly pointed it out.

  4. These are some very basic pointers which we most often forget… And in fact, must form the basics of our parenting habits. Thanks for reminding us, again. 🙂

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