Kids first aid

Kids first aid

Being a parent is not an easy job…. Now when it comes to your kid’s safety, injuries health you need to be prepared all d time with first aid till you reach your pediatric be ready for every emergency. You are your kid’s first doctor too at home. Sharing some precautions we can take at home for our kids..

Kids first aid: High fever


If the child’s temperature is higher than 100.4 F, call your pediatrician.
Bathing or sponging the child with lukewarm water may help bring down a fever. Do not use cold water or ice baths
Do not give any medicine without consulting your doctor.

Kids first aid: Choking


If a child is suddenly unable to cry, cough, or speak, something is probably blocking her airway, and you’ll need to help her get it out.

If she’s coughing, it means her airway is only partially blocked. If that’s the case, encourage her to cough. Coughing is the most effective way to dislodge a blockage.

If the child isn’t able to cough up the object. Provide support by placing one arm diagonally across his chest and lean him forward.

Firmly strike the child between the shoulder blades with the heel of your other hand. Each back blow should be a separate and distinct attempt to dislodge the obstruction.

Give five of these back blows.

Kids first aid: Burning

Remove any clothes from the injured area, in the case of a chemical burn, you’ll want to flush the area with water for several minutes before removing any clothes.
Run cool water over the wound for at least five minutes or until kid seems to be in less pain. Do NOT apply ice, butter, or powder to the injury since this could aggravate it. And do NOT break any blisters since this makes the wound more vulnerable to infection.
Gently pat the skin dry and cover it loosely with a nonstick bandage to protect the skin
If your child has experienced an electrical burn, disconnect the power source. Never use your bare hands (you risk getting a shock, too).

Kids first aid: Allergic reactions

Kids first aid

It can be triggered by foods, medications, insect stings, pollen, or other substances Signs and Symptoms are
skin redness
slight swelling
stuffy, runny nose
itchy, watery eyes
red bumps (hives) anywhere on the body
Call immediately to your doc for advice.

Always keep your doctor number saved in the emergency list.

Be safe & keep your little tots safe too. 

Life is precious and kids are delicate and need more attention. Just be alert and be happy!!

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