I just fin­ished my school and went Dehradoon for my grad­u­a­tion, while stay­ing in hostel one girl decid­ed to cel­e­brate her birth­day with orphan­age kids.. Seen in movies like Mr.India and all , I was won­dered that the­se kids how they man­age to live with­out mum­my & papa as I’m still very attached to them.

I told Shiv­ani( birth­day gal) that I will join you and want to meet those kids. We both went for shop­ping buy­ing pen­cils , eraser, colours, colour­ing book, note­books, chips, bal­loons, cake along with so many items to eat & took an auto to reach that orphan­age ( I don’t remem­ber the name, but still all images are ao fresh).

As soon as we enter with so much stuff in hands 3–4 kids play­ing in ground came run­ning & asked “kisko milegi”. When we told to take us to office they guid­ed us, with­in few sec­onds we were in front of sis­ter who is man­ag­ing that won­der­ful home for the­se spe­cial & beau­ti­ful kids. When we told her our rea­son of vis­it, she was lit­tle hes­i­tat­ed for this cel­e­bra­tion as she was scared as with­out pri­or infor­ma­tion noone is allowed. We request­ed & final­ly she agreed.

She called kids there were around 30 kids of age group between 1–15 years. When we asked ” The­se are only kids?”

She said “No”.

Then where are oth­ers. She took us in a big hall and we saw around 30–35 baby prams and new born babies, some sleep­ing, some cry­ing loud­ly and this shook me from inside. How can some­one leave so lit­tle tiny babies as 2 were just a one or two days old. How moth­ers live life with­out them? So many ques­tions and so much anger were just build­ing up.

We returned to hall where oth­er kids were wait­ing for us to cel­e­brate. We had cake cut­ting, some dance and all, final­ly we sat with kids for colour­ing and talk­ing.

One ques­tion a girl asked me which still I can hear in her voice.

Didi mum­my papa kya hote? Accha kya hote nahi .. Kaise dikhte hai?”

That time also I had no answer to tell her , still I can’t answer that kaise dikhte hai??

That day changed my life.. I real­ly feel pity on par­ents who aban­doned their  kids but on oth­er hand I feel good as they are so heart­less par­ents who real­ly don’t deserve the­se angel of God!!

But  the­se kids also need home, also need par­ents, care , love … And par­ents who don’t have kids and want to adopt such kids also need them.

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  1. Hey Ruchi Ver­ma,
    It is tru­ly an over­whelm­ing expe­ri­ence to vis­it an orphan­age. It sud­den­ly puts things in per­spec­tive. We com­plain about our lives all the time, but when we see the­se kids, life just makes so much more sense. Thank you for shar­ing such a beau­ti­ful post.
    via #MyFrien­dAlexa #Mayu­raReads

  2. Such a heart melt­ing sto­ry Ruchi. It’s one thing to read about it and total­ly anoth­er to be there and expe­ri­ence it, that is some­thing which changes you. I nev­er had such deep upclose expe­ri­ences back in school days. So it was real­ly great to get to read such a per­son­al sto­ry. Thanks

  3. Kudos to your friend and you for this beau­ti­ful step. The ques­tion is haunt­ing… there’s no answer to that except to feel pity for the par­ents who aban­doned her. I am lov­ing your the­me 🙂

  4. It sure­ly doesn’t paint a good pic­ture at an orphan­age but its nice to see you guys tak­ing this beau­ti­ful step. And that one ques­tion will sure­ly leave any­one stunned. Won­der­ful post !

  5. Such beau­ti­ful post. You are right such par­ents don’t deserve the­se angels. Last I went to blind school where I got emo­tion­al see­ing the strug­gle the kids do but still don’t give up and we who have every­thing, turn so gloomy at times. The­se kids are true heroes and inspi­ra­tion ?

  6. It’s an expe­ri­ence to b there among kids. have been there to cel­e­brate an occa­sion, to teach 🙂 They cheer you up 🙂 Yes. it breaks one’s heart to pon­der about em. Love­ly post.

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