Myra, strong inde­pen­dent, career ori­ent­ed , smart 24 year old work­ing in lead­ing media house had so many dreams to ful­fill but sud­den­ly her life took a twist with so called “SOCIETY” pres­sure on her par­ents to get her mar­ried, and when a well set­tled, edu­cat­ed , finan­cial inde­pen­dent boy like Akash pro­pos­al dropped in for her, Myra’s par­ents con­vinced her to get mar­ried , though she knows that Akash fam­i­ly is very ortho­dox and set­tled in a small town in Uttar Pradesh & Akash is senior IT man­ager in Mum­bai, she said yes !!

Every­one was real­ly hap­py as mar­riage is there with­in a mon­th and best part Myra can con­tin­ue her job in Mum­bai with Akash but her in laws put up one con­di­tion “Myra should stay with us atleast for 2 months after mar­riage in our town to under­stand the cul­ture and tra­di­tion we fol­low in our home” which Myra & her fam­i­ly grace­ful­ly and hap­pi­ly accept­ed.

Day arrived Myra got mar­ried to Akash and mar­riage cus­tomes & rit­u­als went smooth­ly and time arrived when Myra moved to stay with her new joint fam­i­ly in UP for 2 months.

Myra got a new friend in her new house her 16 years old sis­ter in law Rash­mi, they shared good bond­ing with each oth­er and like every mon­th Myra got her #PRIDEPERIODS which she was nev­er ashamed of, but on con­trast when she went and asked Rash­mi “where to dis­pose off san­i­tary nap­kin?” Rash­mi with­out utter­ing a word straight went to her mom and told about Myra’s peri­ods.

Was it a crime, I got my peri­ods?” Myra was think­ing stand­ing in front of her room.

Then her  life changed as soon as her moth­er in law came run­ning and said “Wait bahu!! your moth­er doesn’t told you, what to do and don’t on the­se days?”

Myra was sur­prised “Is there any­thing mom missed to tell me ” she was born & bought up in a very healthy & open envi­ron­ment, where she can open­ly dis­cuss her fears to her mom, but  what  hap­pened now.

Her moth­er in law said “let me tell you, what you should do & don’t do in this time…

  1. Not allowed to water plants espe­cial­ly tul­si­ji or sleep in the same bed as their hus­bands!
  2. Your touch can rot the food so kitchen.
  3. Stay in oth­er room. Even the uten­sils you served the food in, are spe­cial­ly kept away for you to use dur­ing her peri­od.
  4. Don’t touch pick­le, it will spoil!
  5. Not allowed enter­ing a reli­gious place or attend­ing reli­gious cer­e­monies.
  6. You can­not wash hair for at least the first 2 days of her peri­od.

Myra was shocked to hear all this as she is 21st cen­tu­ry girl not expect­ed such illog­i­cal taboos & myths still peo­ple fol­lows and decid­ed to speak up again­st it.

She dis­cussed Akash & told that she wants to stay for some more time to edu­cate them about peri­ods and break myths. Well this was not an easy task to do, but she first took Rash­mi in con­fi­dence & then explained her moth­er in law, what all log­ic behind the­se myths and time to break such taboos which is illog­i­cal and irrel­e­vant.

Her moth­er in law after long argu­ment found lit­tle sen­si­ble points and agreed to call girls and wom­an in town age between 12–30 years and Myra can break the ice break of #PRIDEPERIODS.

Here’s what Myra explained :

What is Periods?


Peri­od is a bleed from the womb (uterus) that is released through the vagi­na. Wom­en have a peri­od every 28 days approx­i­mate­ly. How­ev­er, some wom­en may have a 24-day cycle while oth­er may have a 35-day one. A peri­od is part of the woman’s men­stru­al cycle. It is like your body is dis­charg­ing impure blood.


MYTH #   Don’t wash hair for at least the first 2 days of her peri­od.

MYRA #  This is some­thing weird passed on from elder ladies in the fam­i­ly. May be years back when bath had to be tak­en in streams, it used to get incon­ve­nient to wash body and hair when bleed­ing as peri­od gen­er­al­ly lasts about five days. Bleed­ing is more pro­fuse dur­ing the first two days. But in today’s age, it is just one of those illog­i­cal things that need to be fol­lowed in the fam­i­ly.

MYTH# Not allowed enter­ing a reli­gious place or attend­ing reli­gious cer­e­monies.

MYRA # Peo­ple can still do with­out all the crazy rules men­tioned above but this thing they can nev­er let go. Why? Because God has spec­i­fi­ca­tions? And when did he ask the mankind to make tem­ples in the first place, let alone make such good-for-noth­ing rules, all such writ­ten rules are man made writ­ten rules.

MYTH#  Don’t touch pick­le, it will spoil or touch can rot the food so kitchen.

MYRA # Yes, first 2 days are as said bleed­ing is more pro­fuse so bet­ter you rest more but if you have pick­le & food stored in you fridge go touch & eat it will for sure not get rot­ten. 

MYTH # You can’t get preg­nant dur­ing her peri­od.

MYRA It’s not like­ly, but there’s always a chance. Ovu­la­tion can be unpre­dictable, you can sleep on same bed with your hus­band and even can have sex, why it’s said sex should not be done in peri­ods with only rea­son is HYGIENE.

MYTH # Pre­men­stru­al syn­drome (PMS) is all in the mind.

MYRA # PMS symp­toms are relat­ed to the way your daughter’s hor­mones change through her month­ly cycle. Symp­toms can be emo­tion­al (like irri­tabil­i­ty, depres­sion or fatigue, and phys­i­cal (cramps or headaches). 


The­se were few myths Myra tried to break not even this she also gave few tips to moth­ers who have daugh­ter going to enter in men­stru­a­tion cycle.

  • Most girls get their first peri­od between 11 and 13 years old, but it can start any­where from ages 8 to 16.
  • The aver­age cycle for most girls is 28 days, but it may last from 21 to 35 days and still be “nor­mal.”
  • If she has a short cycle, it’s like­ly she’ll have a peri­od more than once a mon­th. On the flip side, if her cycle lasts longer, she’ll have few­er peri­ods in a year. Every girl is dif­fer­ent!
  • If you don’t talk to her first, she may be scared when she starts bleed­ing! It’s always a good idea to be open and hon­est with your daugh­ter. Because girls typ­i­cal­ly begin men­stru­a­tion any time between ages 9 and 16 (for most girls, between 11 and 13), it’s hard to know when to have the first peri­od moth­er daugh­ter talk.

After this Myra gave men­stru­al hygiene tips every girl and wom­an should know:

Menstrual hygiene

  1. Choose Right san­i­tary nap­kin : Try and use one brand for one type of pro­tec­tion for a while to know if it helps your needs. Fre­quent switch­ing between brands can make you uncom­fort­able since brands are as unique as you, they suit every­one dif­fer­ent­ly.
  2. Change Reg­u­lar­lyThe stan­dard time to change a san­i­tary pad is once every six hours, Men­stru­al blood – once it has left the body – gets con­t­a­m­i­nat­ed with the body’s innate organ­isms. This rule applies for even those days when you don’t have much bleed­ing, since your pad is still damp and will have organ­isms from your vagi­na, sweat from your gen­i­tals, etc. 
  3. Dis­card your used san­i­tary pro­duct prop­er­lyIt is essen­tial to dis­card your used nap­kins prop­er­ly because they are capa­ble of spread­ing infec­tions, will smell very foul. Wrap­ping it well before dis­card­ing it ensures that the smell and infec­tion is con­tained. It is advised not to flush the pad down the toi­let since they are capa­ble of form­ing a block and can cause the toi­let to back up. More impor­tant­ly it is imper­a­tive that you wash your hands well after you dis­card your used nap­kin since you are like­ly to touch the used por­tion of the pad while dis­card­ing it.
  4. Have a bath reg­u­lar­lyIn old days it is believed that a wom­an should not bath dur­ing her peri­ods. This myth was based on the fact that in the old­en days wom­en had to bath in the open or in com­mon water bod­ies like a river or lake. But with indoor plumb­ing hav­ing a bath is the best thing you can do for your body dur­ing your peri­ods. Bathing not only cleans­es your body but also gives you a chance to clean your pri­vate parts well. It also helps relieve men­stru­al cramps, back­ach­es, helps improve your mood and makes you feel less bloat­ed.
  5. Be ready with on-the-go stuff dur­ing your peri­odsWhen you have your peri­ods it is impor­tant to be ready. It is impor­tant to have extra san­i­tary pads prop­er­ly stored in a clean pouch or paper bag, a soft tow­el, some paper tis­sues or tow­els, hand san­i­tiz­er, a healthy snack, bot­tle of drink­ing water, a tube of anti­sep­tic med­ica­tion (if you are using one).

After this knowl­edge­able meet­ing she saw num­ber of ques­tions from ladies and she cleared their doubts, and she real­ized that if not 100% ladies are con­vinced atleast 70% will sure bring this change and leave behind the taboos and Myths of #PRIDEPERIODS and returned back with a feel of sat­is­fac­tion that she was able to share her knowl­edge with most required peo­ple.

This post is written for WRITE TRIBE #PeriodPride


Thanks a lot for drop­ping here and read­ing this post …wait­ing for valu­able com­ments and sug­ges­tions.

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  1. So proud if u ruchi.read the blog and trust me we all have gone thru some or the oth­er myths u have men­tioned at some point.
    I must say ; it’s an amaz­ing­ly writ­ten arti­cle. Just wan­na say that” peri­od myths are peri­od” so accept the real­i­ty.

  2. Very well writ­ten arti­cle, and I like how you use colours for dif­fer­ent things.
    But for­give me as a Doc­tor I like to cor­rect you in two points which you have men­tioned above :
    1) Men­stru­al Blood is not impure blood, it is same as rest of the blood, it comes from the memn­brane which devel­ops over the uter­ine lin­ing, in antic­i­pa­tion of fer­tilised ovum (fer­tilised ovum means when spern enters into ovum it becones fer­tilised), and when ovum does not come than lin­ing breaks and the blood con­tained in it comes out.

    2) Yes, Sex can be done any­time dur­ing Men­stru­a­tion, as per your wish but preg­nany is almost impos­si­ble in nor­mal cas­es.

    Enjoyed your arti­cle as always 🙂

    • Thanks Doc for clear­ing first point but preg­nan­cy I have 3–4 cas­es occurred in Men­stru­a­tion peri­od!!
      I loved your true feed­back, always open for such open feed­back!!
      Thanks again

  3. Com­plete­ly agree with dr anshul no where in med­ical books it is writ­ten that it is impure blood. It had no harm­ful tox­ins, though blood is mixed with secre­tions but its not dan­ger­ous. As this blood(from uter­in e lin­ing) is meant to nour­ish devel­op­ing baby so its pure and clean.

  4. It’s such a pow­er­ful post through Myra and hope the myth dis­ap­pears on men­stru­a­tion. You have explained it so well and I was large­ly igno­rant on the issue. It makes me won­der who invent­ed those false things based on puri­ty or rit­u­als. Edu­ca­tion is the way for­ward. Bril­liant and infor­ma­tive.

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