Veg Fried Rice

Well everyone’s fav veg fried rice adds fla­vor in any course of meal.

Here comes step by step recipe spe­cial­ly for my veg’s read­er!!image

  1. Cook long grain rice and set it cold , make sure it should not be sticky.

image   2. Fine­ly chopped car­rot, cap­ci­cum, beans , cab­bage spring onions and gar­lic.


  1. In pan put lit­tle oil & put fine­ly chopped gar­lic and stir for 1 min till it turn gold­en brown.



  1. After gar­lic turned gold­en brown add chopped car­rot, cap­sicum & beans and strir for 2 min as it will take some­time to get crunchy.


5. Once car­rot & veg­gies get ten­der add fine­ly chopped cab­bage & spring onion just for 1 min stir along with 1 tbsp soya sause & 1 tbsp vine­gar.


6. After that add long grain cooked cold rice and mix with salt accord­ing to taste just for min­ute or two.


7. Serve hot with spring onion gar­nish.

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