Well everyone’s fav veg fried rice adds flavor in any course of meal.

Here comes step by step recipe specially for my veg’s reader!!image

  1. Cook long grain rice and set it cold , make sure it should not be sticky.

image   2. Finely chopped carrot, capcicum, beans , cabbage spring onions and garlic.


  1. In pan put little oil & put finely chopped garlic and stir for 1 min till it turn golden brown.



  1. After garlic turned golden brown add chopped carrot, capsicum & beans and strir for 2 min as it will take sometime to get crunchy.


5. Once carrot & veggies get tender add finely chopped cabbage & spring onion just for 1 min stir along with 1 tbsp soya sause & 1 tbsp vinegar.


6. After that add long grain cooked cold rice and mix with salt according to taste just for minute or two.


7. Serve hot with spring onion garnish.

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