Book Review: A2Z Of Common Diseases by Surbhi Prapanna

Author: Surbhi Prapanna

Rating: 5/5

About the Author:

Mother of two adorable daughters, versatile blogger and homeopathic therapist by profession Dr. Surbhi wears multiple feathers in her hat. She blogs her thoughts on parenting, health, DIYs and much more on her blog

About the book:

A to Z distinct health problems, diseases with their symptoms, preventions, cure, and best way to get the treatment with homeopathic medicines is all present in this book. This book is the perfect medical guide for every household. Dr. Surbhi has explained every problem in simple terms and with detailed information which makes it easy to understand and take proper precautions and cures.

If you are looking for symptoms for any distress or health issue, she has covered that to understand better even with the pictures. The author has shared her passion and love for her profession by writing this book, with every small and important detail. The way she explained the remedies and preventions is quite informative.

Common Diseases

Why I recommend this book?

I am a little biased when comes to homeopathic medication, as my parents always trusted this, and since childhood for every common disease, we are trusting homeopathy over other medications. Even today I prefer Magnesia Phosphorica when comes to my stomach ache. When I saw Surbhi’s this ebook, I have downloaded immediately and shared with my mother too who still for any treatment prefer homoeopathic treatment.

Reasons I want you to get this book:-

  1. You will have your own manual at home for precaution and treatment.
  2. You can get to know the cause of your health problem.
  3. As the author herself mentioned she wrote it for educational purposes, it great to learn more about the problems from this book.
  4. Homeopathic treatment has no side effects it’s good for each age group.
  5. There are so many problems which are new to me but it’s always good to be educated about that.
  6. It is free to download NOW and can help you stay healthy.

If you want to download this ebook click on the link below:

AtoZ of Common Diseases and their homoeopathic treatment

This book is part of the Blogchatter’s E Book Carnival and I have also published my ebook Bloggers Unplugged(DOWNLOAD NOW).

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  1. I love the A2Z series of Surbhi, she explains everything well and trust me this book is a saviour. All the homeopathy suggestions are very helpful

  2. I’ve already downloaded this eBook, and looking forward to read it. Coming from Surbhi, I’m sure that it is a great and informative read.

  3. Homoeopathic medicines are the safest. Much awareness is needed about the goodness of these meds. Surbhi has done a wonderful job by putting them together for the the common people.

  4. The book by Surbhi is helpful for evryone. Homoeopathic medicine is the only option left for us where we can have medicines without side effects. She has put together everything.

  5. Thanks for sharing this review. This is a much helpful book and more and more people need to know of the book to spread awareness about homoeopathic medicines

  6. I have reviewed this book too and loved it totally. She had explained everything in such detailed manner that sometimes it gives me a feeling that I don’t need any doctor’s view when it comes to homeopathic medicine.

  7. Thats a wonderful post and review of book by Surbhi. I have read many of her chapters from this book and loved how easily she has address the common ailments and treatments.

  8. Surbhi, series of homeopathy medicines to common diseases is surely a great read for lifetime, shall soon give it a read.

  9. I will surely download book by Surbhi as I am very susceptible to health issues time and again. Homoeopathy is a great way to deal with them rather than allopathy.

  10. I have downloaded this book. Will read it slowly and put the review on her link soon. Thanks for the elaborate review here. Helps to know what to expect.

  11. thank you so much Ruchi for taking out time to read and review my book. I am so glad you liked it dear and found it informative. loved your review a lot.

  12. I’ve read snippets of this book and I know for sure that this book is like a Bible to keep handy to deal with any health issues. I am going to download and even share it with my friends so that I can be helpful for them too.

  13. This sounds like a good reference book, i definitely trust a book, from a known source, than the internet for finding things out. ill check out this book. thanks

  14. Wow AtoZ series sounds amazing another helping hand for us Definitely will be checking out thank you for sharing this out.

  15. This book sounds quite interesting. I have always preferred homeopathy over alopathic medicines for my kids. I have downloaded the book and love the remedies shared in this.

  16. Love the idea and concept of the book, Thanks for sharing this review.

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