Book Review: A to Z of Image management by Swati Mathur

Image Management

Book Title: A to Z of Image Management

Author Name: Swati Mathur

About the Author

Swati Mathur is one of the known blogger and a Certified Image Consultant and NABET certified life skills trainer, not only this she has trained around 2000+ students and they are placed successfully today across various industries.

Her belief in lifelong learning and empowering the future generation with soft skills is something which makes her going and share such valuable lessons in everyone’s life.

About the Book

With 26 chapters, alphabetically organised with perfect lessons for life and learn how to improvise with your look and dressing style. Author has shared every minor detail which is commandable. From, body shape to what kind of clothes suits your personality covered perfectly.

She has clearly explained how and what we should take care of in daily life and how to evaluate ourselves and achieve an impactful impression. Apart from these, she shared something which is really important and we all should know in one of her chapters called “Lifecycle of clothing needs” from infants to elders.

She has written it so well structured and with practical advice which is really a need for an hour. This book is must-have for all to create a perfect impression and your brand image both in personal and personal life.

Image Management

Why I recommend this book?

To be very honest, there are multiple reasons I recommend it should download this book and read:

  1. I remember my English teacher in school always told us “Your first impression matters the most, and that comes with how you dress up”. So, if you want to mark your first impression remarkable this book is for you.
  2. Learn about what kind of clothing suits you better according to your body structure, face cut and what should be your shopping skills.
  3. This book also shares pictures to understand better the distinct patterns and prints which mark valuable points on your look.
  4. It covers all practical guidelines which we should not ignore while dressing up.
  5. Best for gifting to your kids, they need such a guide to know how they can create an impact with their dressing, appearance, and learn image management.

To download this ebook click Here:

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Ruchi Verma

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  1. I had read Swati’s posts during challenge and found it really informative. loved your review dear. I am also reading the book this week, and excited to share my review for same in next week.

  2. I love Swati’s writing and choice of topics. She do a complete justice with them. I have also read her posts from A2Z because this subject interest me a lot. I am sure the book will be loved by many.

  3. I love reading Swati’s posts during challenge and i am sure the book will be equally good. I am also planning to reading it this week. loved your review.

  4. Love her book about the management skills. A lot of information to get from her book.

  5. Thanks Ruchi for an amazing review.. I am glad you found it useful and and found worth recommending. I hope people read it and and benefit from it too.

  6. Image management is much needed during the current era, I am surely this book by Swathi on Image management is going to be saviour for many. Let me download the ebook

  7. I have downloaded and read Swati’s book, and my review of it is also coming soon. This book shows the diligence of Swati towards her work, and I find it truly inspirational.

  8. The book sounds really interesting and useful. Projecting the right image is so important in the competitive environment that we all live in today. This is true both for brands as well as individuals, as a lot depends on the impression you make.

  9. I read Swati’s posts and am so glad that all that useful information is now collated together in an ebook. Good review. Am going to read it soon.

  10. The topic of the book caught my eye instantly. Loved reading your review and pretty intrigued to read this book now. To be honest, this will be my first book with such a topic to read 🙂

  11. I second you with the reasons everyone should and must read this book. We often get confused with styling as image management, this book has also shattered the myths of beauty and fashion requirements to present oneself.

  12. With the way world is moving and things are changing, image management has become a necessity. Thanks for sharing the review I will download the book and also share it with my friends.

  13. That’s indeed a wonderful book. I have read a few chapters/posts from this series and had loved how we should be self-analysing our image and working on it to improve it as well.

  14. The Other Brain Inc.

    Reading your review about this book by Swati, I am compelled to download it and read it. Indeed first impression does make a difference.

  15. I have read this book. It’s great. You’ve written such a detailed review . I liked it.

  16. I have also read her posts from A2Z and loved all her detailed post . I am sure the book will be loved by many people

  17. Having read her posts as a part of A2Z I can’t agree more with your reveiw. Image management is very important these days and a book that helps in it is a treasure.

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