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There are so many Ebooks available on Blogchatter Ebook Library and I have shared my reviews for 3 books by Ranjana Suri, Dr. Surbhi Prapanna, and Swati Mathur there are 6 more books that I loved and recommend downloading.

1. A Magical Conquest by Arsh Sinha

Ebook Library

This is book is one of the best among all and special because it’s written by 12-year-old Arsh Sinha, who is a gifted child and know how to keep you hooked up with his first book.

This book is a fantasy science fiction kind of book, a story of Resten an 11-year-old kid who when lands up in a mysterious boarding school, got himself into a magical seems an impossible mission. Along with his own army of 23 kids of his age, he is on a mission to conquest the dangerous monster of the universe.

You can download this book and read it if you love Science fiction, it’s a great option for gifting your kids as they will love to read this for sure.

Download HERE

2. I Live To Love You by Roma Gupta Sinha

Proud Mommy of Arsh Sinha published her 6th book, and this romantic book of Roma Gupta a well-known blogger and a Founder of Roma’s Communication Academy will surely bring tears with every chapter and make you curious to read more.

The story of Aaradhya and Shamit will keep you glue as the leading character Aaradhya leaves no stone upturn to find Shamit who vanished seven years ago mysteriously. Roma is a multiple award winner and weaved this story which will certainly touch the chords.

Download Here to read this love story.

3. Simple tricks to win your subconscious mind by Geethica Mehra

Geethica Mehra, is a well known as motivational blogger and this is her 3rd book which is perfect for every person, as it tells you and motivates how you can win over your subconscious mind.

Every chapter written with full of real-life her own experience and she shared valuable tips and techniques to win, my favorite chapter from her book is “Can you change your perspective to control your senses” and the Bonus Chapter where she shared what “if she can get one gift art to ditch anger”.

This book in a real sense perfect for me to learn so many things we usually ignore or do just because our mind, subconscious mind tells us to do.

Downhere HERE now

4. Beyond Fairy Tales by Deepika and Shalini

Authors Deepika, an educationist and an acclaimed feature writer for Times of India and Shalini is a banking professional and writes anthologies written this book which will give you make you to think about the other perspective of many fairy tales we are reading, watching and listening since childhood.

The book covers 26 well-known fairy tales from Rapunzel, The sleeping beauty, Jack and the Beanstalk to most loved stories like Cinderella. Authors have very well shared their perspective for every character and the teachings which each story shares.

It’s interesting to read another side of the story and we must download this if you want to re-read your favorite childhood fairy tales and stories.

To read Download HERE

5. Life Is An Ocean: Myriad Of Emotion

Ebook Library

Author Archana Srivastava, a blogger and an author who published her first ebook called Bollywood talkies an MBA graduate who loves sharing her thoughts written this book and shared the different shades of emotions every human being encounter in their life.

This book is not only show the emotions we encounter sometimes or even every day, but how to overcome or take care of those emotional values to make our life worth living.

Positive and negative emotions are human tendency but how to overcome from them and tactics to deal is really important. She has shared every tips and tricks with simple and very easy language. It is best one to gift to your loved ones to help them understand their emotional values.

Download HERE

6. It Must’ve Been Love by Mayura Amarkant

Blogger, Author Mayura Amarkant is a well-known face of the blogging community. This is her second book after her successful book “trapped in heaven and other stories”.

This book is a mix of an intense love story set up in the 90s and she wrote each poem to show the emotions and complementing the story’s main character Meera and Keshav’s love story.

Must read this book if you love poems and want to relive the love emotions. She holds the nerve of both fiction readers and poetry lovers.

To read download HERE

Ebook Library

All these books are available in Ebook Library of Blogchatter and many more.

This book is part of the Blogchatter’s E Book Carnival and I have also published my ebook Bloggers Unplugged(DOWNLOAD NOW).

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  1. Wow you have given a complete library Ruchie. I have read many of their posts but I am sure, the book must be having many added features. I am yet to start my reading. Have a couple from this list. Will add others too.

  2. Your content is always upto the mark, Kudos to you, from your Indian brother Momin

  3. Thank you so much Ruchi for your valuable review in my book Life is an ocean: Myriad of emotions, means a lot! From above list I have dowloaded all the books and my reviews are coming very soon.

  4. Great list of books Ruchi. I have read few of these and few are in my TBR list. indeed, this year with blogchatter e book carnival, we got a chance to read many amazing books from different genera.

  5. I am left with 2 book. Must say they are all amazing!!

  6. Wow.. What an amazing list of e-books. I am surely going to read them all. Thanks Ruchi for giving a snippet of each of these books. I have already read two , will read others too.

  7. these are some helpful suggestions for sure . I would personally like to try out the A Magical Conquest by Arsh Sinha. I am super impressed by 12 year old kiddo already

  8. I am yet to read two of them. I really liked I live to love you by Roma. And I really like your content of bloggers unplugged. Must say, there was a lot I could learn from

  9. Reading books written by our buddies is always such a pleasure but Arsh’s book is making me feel proud and curious. Good list of suggestions! Have already downloaded a couple of them.

  10. Thank you babes for finding my and sonny’s books worth being enlisted here. It really means a lot to us, thank you so much buddy from both of us. Much love..

  11. These are some really nice ebooks that cover a range of subjects, from Fiction to Self Help. Though I have not read any of them, they seem really interesting, and would love to read them all,

  12. Some of these books are my favorite too from this year’s ebook carnival. You have compiled the list brilliantly and the crisp review is well crafted.

  13. The ebook library of blogchatter is like a bouquet of different genre books right now. I have downloaded so many already and absolutely enjoying reading those 🙂

  14. The Other Brain Inc.

    Currently, I am in a mood for reading self-help books and so Geetika Mehra’s Tips for winning Subconcious mind looks just what I want to read and practice as of now. So going for it,

  15. I have read a few of the books that you have reviewed and loved the content a lot. And these 6 suggestions are indeed luring me to download them and give a nice read. Seems that each one is unique and has a great story to share with its readers.

  16. Wow these are Great list of books . I have read one of these and others I have downloaded . we got a chance to read many amazing books from different genera during this year e book carnival .

  17. Thanks to blogchatter we are getting to read some awesome books by such good writers. I am reading the books one by one and really enjoying them.

  18. Thanks a lot for your recommendations. I know about all the books except book no. 5. Being a self-help book lover, I’ll just download book no. 3 by Geethica,

  19. Beyond fairy tales is one book that holds my attention. I always felt that our kids should learn to look beyond fairy tales. And Roma’s book, no doubt is a must read

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