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When I was young and some­times don’t lis­ten to my moth­er (I was a naughty child) & if by any thing my moth­er get hurt she always says “You will under­stand when you will be a moth­er…” that time I may not real­ized what & why she mean to say this but yes today .…… I’m a moth­er of two beau­ti­ful kids and I do under­stand what it feel like to be blessed to have kids.

This is my 100th post and I feel blessed that shar­ing this on my daugh­ters birth­day.


Seems like yes­ter­day,
It’s your 8th birth­day today, 
You are a bless­ing, You are our life, 
You make us hap­py bring­ing so many rea­sons to smile,
May God show­er every beau­ti­ful bless­ing on you, 
This pret­ty smile nev­er leave you,
We feel proud & blessed,
You choose us to be your par­ents,
Hap­py birth­day princess??
You are our rea­son to Smile ??
#Hap­py­Birth­day #8Birth­day #IraBirth­day


 I have seen few peo­ple who want to have kids but des­tiny has cho­sen some­thing else for there store. let me share a sto­ry, a true sto­ry … We have neigh­bors mar­ried for around 12 years but they were only pray­ing to be blessed …blessed with some lit­tle angel in their life…when God not lis­tened they decid­ed to bring hap­pi­ness of their life by own by “ADOPTING” a girl child.

I still remem­ber when Uncle Aun­ty returned with their bundle of joy, lit­tle princess we all cel­e­brat­ed like crazy…and in next two months we heard anoth­er good news that this lit­tle angel not only brought hap­pi­ness to fam­i­ly but with her she brought her broth­er too.…aunty was expect­ing her own child too. This sto­ry is around 28–29 years old and today I see this fam­i­ly as hap­py fam­i­ly where both their kids are doing extreme­ly well and set­tled, par­ents are proud of their daughter’s and son’s achieve­ment.

This is not only sto­ry which I have encoun­tered but sim­i­lar kind of thing recent­ly hap­pened in my fam­i­ly and I feel proud to be a part of such fam­i­ly where ADOPTION is not a kind of ortho­dox stuff to talk and apply. We just believe that if yes God has given us & we can sup­port any child lets give them life to live.

No child want to spend life in Orphan­age. Don’t know why & how par­ents leave their kids there, may be some­time unmar­ried girl deliv­ers and she leaves her child, when still exist­ing male dom­i­nat­ing fam­i­ly who want their so called VANSH to be known by only male child they leave their unwant­ed daugh­ters or what­ev­er be the rea­son don’t please don’t let any child to spend their beau­ti­ful child­hood in orphan­age.

There are Gov­ern­ment rules & reg­u­la­tions legal pro­ce­dure to go ahead with Adop­tion process. My next post will start shar­ing them.

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Thanks for read­ing this post .. do give your sug­ges­tions and if you have ever encoun­tered any such inci­dent don’t for­get to share.

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  1. A very hap­py birth­day to your princess… she got your looks 🙂
    So glad to read about two instances of adop­tion… I too know a cou­ple who recent­ly adopt­ed an angel… it’s a beau­ti­ful act of human­i­ty and com­pas­sion.

  2. A Very Belat­ed Hap­py Birth­day to the Princess and con­grats on your 100th. I am glad that peo­ple are being more accept­ing about adop­tion, thank you for shar­ing the sto­ries.

  3. You have choose a very good top­ic to write and it will help in spread­ing aware­ness. I sup­port you 🙂
    Con­grat­u­la­tions for the 100th post and Very Hap­py Birhty­day to your lit­tle princess, god bless her with all the hap­pi­ness and suc­cess in life 🙂

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