8 Things would be father is going through!

Soon going to be a Father, Nervous & Happy, all emotions at a time on his face were clear & prominent. He was just restless walking from one corner to another of the corridor in front of labor room (Hospital). He would be first time father, all her family members tried explaining him about how to go further, friends teasing him saying “your time is up” but what exactly he was feeling, he was not able to tell anyone!


Ah!! Door of labor room got open & nurse told it’s going to take some more time. Tension around, a pat on his back soon appeared and he turned. His eyes got shine back seeing his childhood friend with whom he shares all his happiness & worries. Now he knows whom to share his tensions. Sitting in hospital cafeteria sipping a cup of coffee he shared his very common questions whose answer he wanted before his kid open eyes in this world. Here what he asked & perfect solution his friend gave him!!

Struggle #1:Can I afford all these baby-related expenses?”
Start planning, investments on kid name & savings are perfect solution but yes you need to be practical and stop over expenses you used to do before this responsibility.
Struggle #2:I don’t know how to care for my baby?”
Everything is new to begin with, so not to worry as time flies; you will learn basic care taking skills such as changing diapers & when to give medicine etc. The moment u hold your baby you’ll know , you are the best caretaker of him!
Struggle #3:Will my wife’s attention completely go only on kid?”
Ofcourse she will be concerning more on your kid but remember she is one who will always need you even at happy times with your kid. So it’s not about attention gone it’s about division of time between two most important person in her life.
Struggle #4:Happy hours & party time gone. What about social life? “
Ofcourse your little one will change your happy hour to diaper hour but remember to share that too with your wife & about social life, partying you can always enjoy that but avoid late nights.
Struggle #5: “How to balance office & home both?”
Yes!! You will get few weeks parental leaves then back to work. Late night diaper changing & early morning meetings can irritate you but easy to ask help from elders at home. You can manage both.
Struggle #6:The focus is on mum and baby only. Where am I?”
Sounds very kiddish but everyone need attention. Yes, few days focus will be on mum and baby but don’t you think it’s quite important for them. Be with them, support them rather thinking why are they getting more importance.
Struggle #7: My room will be not mine and same as before!!
Yes, first all sharing when u got married with your wife now time to update your room according to kid’s big task. But trust me you will love this change as when u see kid smiling seeing those toys.
Struggle #8: “How I will get to know what my child need? “
Every child understands language of love, babbling with him, playing with him will surely connect you both n make your bond stronger!!
After the perfect solutions by his friend, he seemed to be relaxed. Moments later, nurse arrived with happy news and told “Congrats!! You are blessed with a baby girl!!”
He was full of Joy and with enough confidence ran to cuddle his little princess without any worries and tension!!

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