8 Things would be father is going through!

Soon going to be a Father, Ner­vous & Hap­py, all emo­tions at a time on his face were clear & promi­nent. He was just rest­less walk­ing from one cor­ner to anoth­er of the cor­ri­dor in front of labor room (Hos­pi­tal). He would be first time father, all her fam­i­ly mem­bers tried explain­ing him about how to go fur­ther, friends teas­ing him say­ing “your time is up” but what exact­ly he was feel­ing, he was not able to tell any­one!


Ah!! Door of labor room got open & nurse told it’s going to take some more time. Ten­sion around, a pat on his back soon appeared and he turned. His eyes got shine back see­ing his child­hood friend with whom he shares all his hap­pi­ness & wor­ries. Now he knows whom to share his ten­sions. Sit­ting in hos­pi­tal cafe­te­ria sip­ping a cup of cof­fee he shared his very com­mon ques­tions whose answer he want­ed before his kid open eyes in this world. Here what he asked & per­fect solu­tion his friend gave him!!

Strug­gle #1:Can I afford all the­se baby-relat­ed expens­es?”
Start plan­ning, invest­ments on kid name & sav­ings are per­fect solu­tion but yes you need to be prac­ti­cal and stop over expens­es you used to do before this respon­si­bil­i­ty.
Strug­gle #2:I don’t know how to care for my baby?”
Every­thing is new to begin with, so not to wor­ry as time flies; you will learn basic care tak­ing skills such as chang­ing dia­pers & when to give med­i­cine etc. The moment u hold your baby you’ll know , you are the best care­tak­er of him!
Strug­gle #3:Will my wife’s atten­tion com­plete­ly go only on kid?”
Ofcourse she will be con­cern­ing more on your kid but remem­ber she is one who will always need you even at hap­py times with your kid. So it’s not about atten­tion gone it’s about divi­sion of time between two most impor­tant per­son in her life.
Strug­gle #4:Hap­py hours & par­ty time gone. What about social life? ”
Ofcourse your lit­tle one will change your hap­py hour to dia­per hour but remem­ber to share that too with your wife & about social life, par­ty­ing you can always enjoy that but avoid late nights.
Strug­gle #5: “How to bal­ance office & home both?”
Yes!! You will get few weeks parental leaves then back to work. Late night dia­per chang­ing & ear­ly morn­ing meet­ings can irri­tate you but easy to ask help from elders at home. You can man­age both.
Strug­gle #6:The focus is on mum and baby only. Where am I?”
Sounds very kid­dish but every­one need atten­tion. Yes, few days focus will be on mum and baby but don’t you think it’s quite impor­tant for them. Be with them, sup­port them rather think­ing why are they get­ting more impor­tance.
Strug­gle #7: My room will be not mine and same as before!!
Yes, first all shar­ing when u got mar­ried with your wife now time to update your room accord­ing to kid’s big task. But trust me you will love this change as when u see kid smil­ing see­ing those toys.
Strug­gle #8: “How I will get to know what my child need? ”
Every child under­stands lan­guage of love, bab­bling with him, play­ing with him will sure­ly con­nect you both n make your bond stronger!!
After the per­fect solu­tions by his friend, he seemed to be relaxed. Moments lat­er, nurse arrived with hap­py news and told “Con­grats!! You are blessed with a baby girl!!”
He was full of Joy and with enough con­fi­dence ran to cud­dle his lit­tle princess with­out any wor­ries and ten­sion!!

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