Baby Colic


What is baby Col­ic?

Well many of us don’t even know what is this term Col­ic is ? but when it comes to the par­ents of col­ic baby its painful & even depress­ing.

Actu­al­ly Col­ic babies cry one or two times a day by a healthy, well-fed child. Usu­al­ly, such cry­ing bouts last for a few hours dai­ly and occur at least three times a week for more than three weeks. This prob­lem is found in 5 to 25% of infants at some point. Starts when a baby is 2 or 3 weeks old and resolves grad­u­al­ly with­in a few months, usu­al­ly by the time the baby is 4 to 6 months old.

What caus­es Col­ic 

Huge amount of research on this con­di­tion, the actu­al cause is still not clear. Research sug­gests this may be relat­ed to a change in the lev­el of hor­mones that con­trol the move­ment of gut mus­cles. Anoth­er the­o­ry is that babies with col­ic may have an abnor­mal bal­ance of germs (bac­te­ria) in their gut, which grad­u­al­ly cor­rects itself over a few weeks. Smok­ing dur­ing preg­nan­cy and also tak­ing nicotine replace­ment treat­ment dur­ing your preg­nan­cy does increase the risk of your baby devel­op­ing baby col­ic. Being in a smoky atmos­phere (pas­sive smok­ing) also increas­es the risk. Col­ic is more com­mon in babies who are born pre­ma­ture­ly.

Symp­toms of Col­ic : 

Col­ic is com­mon and can affect up to three out of ten babies.

Symp­toms of col­ic are pain, cry­ing, moan­ing, finicky behav­ior and cramp­ing. In some cas­es, some babies also show symp­toms like fre­quent vom­it­ing, a change in stools, unsta­ble body tem­per­a­ture, and poor weight gain.


Sim­ple reme­dies to make your baby com­fort­able in such sit­u­a­tion

  1. Warm bath : Give baby a warm bath, mas­sag­ing the tum­my area gen­tly to relieve painful trapped gas. It will dis­tract and make baby sleep.
  2. Oil mas­sage: This is best old way to make your baby com­fort­able. mas­sage from Olive oil in clock­wise will help keep the baby warm, ensure prop­er diges­tion and pre­vent gas.
  3. Burp Your Baby: Always burp your baby after feed it will help release gas and pre­vent air pock­ets from form­ing in the stom­ach that can cause a lot of dis­com­fort.
  4. Asafeti­da: Add a pinch of asafeti­da pow­der to 1 table­spoon of water. Heat the solu­tion, then allow it to cool. Rub this solu­tion around your baby’s navel (do not put in the navel). Repeat this treat­ment 2 or 3 times a day for best results.

After tak­ing all pre­cau­tions and doing all if still baby is cry­ing and col­icky do meet your pred­i­ca­tion as he is best to guide you.

Advice for par­ents 

Take care of your­self. Babies with col­ic are dif­fi­cult at their best moments and down­right exhaust­ing the rest of the time. Put your baby down and walk away if you feel your­self get­ting agi­tat­ed. Nev­er allow your­self to become angry or frus­trat­ed to the point of shak­ing your child. The del­i­cate blood ves­sels in babies’ brain can tear and bleed with a vio­lent shak­ing move­ment, caus­ing brain dam­age and some­times even death. Remem­ber that col­ic isn’t some­thing you’ve caused, so give your­self a break from time to time, whether it’s sched­ul­ing to have a neigh­bor babysit for a few hours, or com­ing up with a sched­ule of “duty” between you and your spouse. Take care!!


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