Zeal to give back- HarakhChand Sawla

Zeal to give back- HarakhChand Sawla

April 30, 2020 1 By Ruchi Verma

We all usually think to do something for others and give back to society the goodness we have got. But following that one path is not always easy. Harakhchand Sawla is one who is a living example of kindness with zeal to give back love and happiness.

Harakhchand served underprivileged cancer patients in Mumbai and for that, he has mortgaged his fairly profitable hotel. He used to work individually for over 12 years from his own pocket to serve and feed cancer patients and their relatives from his kitchen free of cost.

And then he rents out his own hotel that was getting him excellent business and raised some money and started JeevanJyot Cancer Relief charitableย opposite Tata Cancer hospital, Mumbai.

Today, he is not only feeding them but also his trust providing accommodation and free medicines for treatment, which help the patients and their relatives to survive in a city like Mumbai and take care of the treatment.

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In this, there are many kids who are suffering from cancer and need special diet plans too, which used to be taken care of. Even he takes them out for picnics and water parks.

It’s over 31+ years, he and his family, friends, and members of trust helping these patients in Mumbai.

He is a living example for all of us who want to give back to society, we just need a little courage, mindset and above all zeal to give. This is the last story of my series, but there are many other stories of inspiring people who are doing the selfless jobs to give back to humanity!!

I write this post under 26 inspiring stories series for AtoZ challenge hosted by Blogchatter!!

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