UnPredictable Life


Life is so unpre­dictable that you get what is unex­pect­ed. I still remem­ber the day my life when my life turned and my jour­ney took some oth­er turn.

Hap­py after com­ple­tion of my MCA I returned back which great sat­is­fac­tion of my place­ment in Infos­ys, just before join­ing I planned to vis­it my par­ents for a week but I was not aware that this one week is going to be a game chang­er of my life.

Along with my par­ents i went to attend my friends wed­ding and after we returned back home we all dis­cussed about won­der­ful wed­ding and arrange­ments but that night is not as pleas­ant as we thought, that night was a night­mare for us and late night my dad got a brain ham­rage with left side par­a­lyzed and it turned our life.

Dad got med­ical facil­i­ty after 12 hours due to remote area where we lived, due to so much paper work involved in our sys­tem with­out which we can’t move our dad for next bet­ter hos­pi­tal, but his will pow­er and his love towards life and us made him sur­vived , and when doc said 70% brain is affect­ed we all went in lit­tle depres­sion.

I took my deci­sion of not going back to Ban­ga­lore and will stay with my par­ents as some­one is need­ed at home that time and left my place­ment in Infos­ys and joined Luc­know Uni­ver­si­ty as a Lec­tur­er . Nev­er expect­ed this unex­pect­ed thing in my life. This #Unpre­dictable­Mo­ment changed my life, my career and my vision towards life. I was much more respon­si­ble than my age and my way of tak­ing life’s deci­sion changed with­in a night.

I don’t have any sort of regret of tak­ing this deci­sion in life but I feel dai­ly that time when I need­ed papa most, God why planned this for me? I miss him as now he is not with us but still only one ques­tion “Why God why you did this to papa and then you called him … we real­ly need him ..today and always “ 

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  1. Words can­not heal or do jus­tice for your pain and loss, Ruchie. But I know you are one brave girl and this post depicts how strong you are. He would be so proud of you.

  2. Thanks for shar­ing such a per­son­al sto­ry. Life gives us lessons in dif­fer­ent ways. And we make our deci­sions based on the cir­cum­stances that are present, which is unique to each one of us. Proud that you took the deci­sion to stay back with your father. I think you will nev­er ever regret this deci­sion.

  3. Some sit­u­a­tions in life leave us vul­ner­a­ble but strong. I hope you derive strength from your dad’s mem­o­ries and look ahead in life. God bless.

  4. Actu­al­ly Ruchi, I kind of know how it feels…! Nobody can take away the pain what you feel today. How­ev­er, Sit­u­a­tions may make you frus­trat­ed that’s the very moment you’d changed into a war­rior. Nev­er give up for what you tru­ly care. You’ll reach your hap­py place for sure. God Bless 🙂

  5. you r not alone…wat a co-incidence..i was caught in a sim­i­lar situation…i was study­ing in Bangalore..came home for a wed­ding n nev­er went back…my rea­son is dif­fer­ent though…i had depres­sion!! i too think “y god?” but what to do if lyf is so unpre­dictable…

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