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Everyone has a fear, fear of water, fear of loosing someone, fear of fire and what not but my fear was about fear of getting travelling alone.

If  a girl travelling an overnight journey by train I was always been scared being getting molested or my luggage would be stolen is foremost thought comes in my mind as heard so many stories about this and seen girls suffered and stayed quite as they are scared …

I did my PG -MCA from Bangalore and have to travel long 2 night journey to Lucknow but still remember if we are in group of friends then I always took a nap but if travelling alone I never go to loo also, sleeping is far most thought.  One of my hostel friend travelling back to hostel from train was taking a nap sitting of window seat and she felt some light flashed, when she opened her eyes she saw gang of 3-4 boys clicking her pictures from their camera (no smartphones that time…) and when she asked them not to do and give the roll to her and tried taking cam from them , they stabbed her with knife. She was one brave girl she pulled chain , shouted got so many cuts on her hands and stomach but took the roll from them and handed those guys to railway police. She was brave girl who dealed with the situation alone but there are girls and women who are really scared. So, I was.

Day when I traveled with my dad and got guts to raise voice for girl travelling with me who was getting irritated because of the passenger on next berth trying to touch her inappropriate manner. From that day my fear that someone can take advantage of mine being a lady is gone but but but I still feel scared sleeping in train in peacefully.

Yes, It’s time to raise voice against your fear. I added poll on FB & Twitter to check “Girls are scared of sleeping in train or not sharing result of 3 hours for the same.

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Question was “Girls!! If you are travelling alone in train for an overnight journey, do you have a sound sleep or scared of sleeping at night in train?”

98% poll result says ” No, I am scared sleeping in train”.

Hope all my readers who are reading this will help these girls to come out of fear of sleeping in train and help our country to be a better and safe place for all.

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  1. You are a brave woman. I like the way you narrate your personal experiences and bring out a nice insight/observation from those true life stories. keep writing, sharing and inspiring!

  2. When we read of instances or are a witness to something the memory coverts to fear…safely surely is an issue in India.

  3. I have gone through the experiences you have mentioned here and I agree with you completely. Our country has a long way to go to brung about a state fsvourable to women, but we , women can surely make the necessary changes if we raise our voice

  4. Sometimes, helping others can help us….as it happened with you….

  5. I have traveled alone in the train overnight during my engineering days. I was scared but slept in the train. I guess we all have to watch each other’s back to avoid troubles.

  6. I’m still scared to sleep in the train inspite of travelling many times. If I’m alone, I don’t sleep, not visit the toilets too and end up getting migraines. I can feel what you voice up in here. At times if I’ve fallen asleep, I wake up to drunken voices and door banging noises. So all in all, it’s quite disturbing to travel alone even if you’re in AC compartment. Yeah, it’s STILL a long way in our country to give us safety in these. Kind of lost hope in system role,

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