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Every­one has a fear, fear of water, fear of loos­ing some­one, fear of fire and what not but my fear was about fear of get­ting trav­el­ling alone.

If  a girl trav­el­ling an overnight jour­ney by train I was always been scared being get­ting molest­ed or my lug­gage would be stolen is fore­most thought comes in my mind as heard so many sto­ries about this and seen girls suf­fered and stayed quite as they are scared …

I did my PG -MCA from Ban­ga­lore and have to trav­el long 2 night jour­ney to Luc­know but still remem­ber if we are in group of friends then I always took a nap but if trav­el­ling alone I nev­er go to loo also, sleep­ing is far most thought.  One of my hostel friend trav­el­ling back to hostel from train was tak­ing a nap sit­ting of win­dow seat and she felt some light flashed, when she opened her eyes she saw gang of 3–4 boys click­ing her pic­tures from their cam­era (no smart­phones that time…) and when she asked them not to do and give the roll to her and tried tak­ing cam from them , they stabbed her with knife. She was one brave girl she pulled chain , shout­ed got so many cuts on her hands and stom­ach but took the roll from them and hand­ed those guys to rail­way police. She was brave girl who dealed with the sit­u­a­tion alone but there are girls and wom­en who are real­ly scared. So, I was.

Day when I trav­eled with my dad and got guts to raise voice for girl trav­el­ling with me who was get­ting irri­tat­ed because of the pas­sen­ger on next berth try­ing to touch her inap­pro­pri­ate man­ner. From that day my fear that some­one can take advan­tage of mine being a lady is gone but but but I still feel scared sleep­ing in train in peace­ful­ly.

Yes, It’s time to raise voice again­st your fear. I added poll on FB & Twit­ter to check “Girls are scared of sleep­ing in train or not shar­ing result of 3 hours for the same.

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Ques­tion was “Girls!! If you are trav­el­ling alone in train for an overnight jour­ney, do you have a sound sleep or scared of sleep­ing at night in train?”

98% poll result says “ No, I am scared sleep­ing in train”.

Hope all my read­ers who are read­ing this will help the­se girls to come out of fear of sleep­ing in train and help our coun­try to be a bet­ter and safe place for all.

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  1. You are a brave wom­an. I like the way you nar­rate your per­son­al expe­ri­ences and bring out a nice insight/observation from those true life sto­ries. keep writ­ing, shar­ing and inspir­ing!

  2. I have gone through the expe­ri­ences you have men­tioned here and I agree with you com­plete­ly. Our coun­try has a long way to go to brung about a state fsvourable to wom­en, but we , wom­en can sure­ly make the nec­es­sary changes if we raise our voice

  3. I have trav­eled alone in the train overnight dur­ing my engi­neer­ing days. I was scared but slept in the train. I guess we all have to watch each other’s back to avoid trou­bles.

  4. I’m still scared to sleep in the train inspite of trav­el­ling many times. If I’m alone, I don’t sleep, not vis­it the toi­lets too and end up get­ting migraines. I can feel what you voice up in here. At times if I’ve fal­l­en asleep, I wake up to drunk­en voic­es and door bang­ing nois­es. So all in all, it’s quite dis­turbing to trav­el alone even if you’re in AC com­part­ment. Yeah, it’s STILL a long way in our coun­try to give us safe­ty in the­se. Kind of lost hope in sys­tem role,

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