Zero a new beginning


Clock shows 00:00 ‚ 

it’s a begin­ning of new day, new mon­th or a new year, 

it’s begin­ning of new hope , new ray or a new dream,

it’s a begin­ning of new achieve­ment , new goal or new craze,

it’s your per­cep­tion how you take, 

I believe 0 is like a cher­ry on cake, 

which will take me to new way and cre­ate a his­to­ry with my name. 

Copy­right © Ruchie2k16

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This Post is writ­ten for Day#2 of NaBloPo­Mo   (Nation­al Blog Post­ing Mon­th) which chal­lenges you to a blog post every sin­gle day in Novem­ber. Pub­lish posts dai­ly, meet oth­er blog­gers, and try some­thing new. 

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