Yes to inventions- Siddappa Hulajogi

When you have the power of intention to do something nothing can stop you. This is exactly what Siddappa Hulajogi proved with his power he generated power.

Education is important we teach daily to our kids and coming generations, but along with education, you need to have the will and dream to do something. Siddappa who never went to school dare to dream that he will get the power of electricity for his farm and home, and he succeeds.

Hailing from Nargund, in Karnataka Gadag district Siddappa is a farmer and when the electricity supply company refused to provide electricity to his brother’s home as they had a rule to not give power connection to a house which is so far away from the main road and so he decided that he will generate his own electricity.

He was very adamant to generate electricity and found that he can make windmill from waste material and can do this. He used 3 tin sheets and scrap metal, copper wires, wood to build an enormous wheel and a spinning propeller.


They store the power generated by the windmill in a battery box, connected to an inverter to convert the DC current into AC for domestic usage. To increase its efficiency, Siddappa is working on raising the height of the windmill.

It now generates enough power to light up ten 60 watts bulbs and 2 television sets.

He has given a lot of time for this invention and when his family calls him crazy for it giving day and night to make this windmill for electricity.

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  1. Need is the mother of all inventions. How true in the case of Siddappa!
    Your post made me admire the immense talent pool that India has.

  2. You are doing a great service to society by bringing such people to limelight.

  3. Really, You are doing a great service to society.

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