Theme Reveal- 26 Inspiring Stories

Inspiring Stories

Inspiring stories, well every other story of the struggle for me is an inspiring story but why I am choosing this theme for my upcoming A to Z challenge? Are there only 26 inspiring stories? Why I am choosing these 26? What so special about these 26 stories?

Well, this is my 4th year with A to Z challenge and like every year I am so excited to be here again.

Why take up this challenge?

If someone asks me why I am taking this challenge every year. I have my own simple 5 reasons:

1. Challenge myself: I love to challenge myself whether I can stick to what I decide. taking up a challenge is easy but sticking to it is very difficult. So, this challenge is for me.

2. Dil khool ke likho: Another reason I can write whatever I wish to, whatever my heart says, whatever I want to share with 26 amazing posts.

3. Writing with each and every alphabet is not easy work. This definitely made me push my boundaries and let me think something out of the box.

4. I get to connect to my own community, like-minded and some different souls in blogging community and get a chance to read their articles too.

5. Last but not the least, this time my theme made me connect with so many amazing and wonderful people who are doing just perfect and amazing work.

About my theme 26 inspiring stories

With this series, I promise to bring in front of you some known and some unknown stories of those beautiful souls who are doing something good for our motherland, environment, society, people, community and most importantly for themselves.

All these stories, interviews you might have read or might have known but the story behind their success and struggle is unknown and should bring in front. This series is my tribute to all of them who have given their valuable contribution to our society or us.

I promise you will surely love this series and I invite you all to join me from 1st of April 2020.. to join the journey of these wonderful people.

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