Uncle Mossa- Giving best friends to kids

Uncle Moosa

I feel books are the best friend for any child and Uncle Mossa is trying to bring that one lifelong friend to each kid’s life for so many years.

Sathyarayan Mundayoor is a former income tax inspector and trainer, an educator, and an education administrator who left his Government job as a Revenue Officer in Mumbai to promote education.

Hailing from Kerala, he shifted to Arunachal Pradesh to spread education. During his 13 years at the training institute in Mumbai, he got an idea of education developed.

Uncle Moosa
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He believes that ” The only way to promote education was to allow them to feel the joy of learning. It could only be done by making the experience of reading more stimulating and creative.

He ventured out to set up libraries for kids after he working for the school system. There he used to pen down stories and read it aloud for kids after school. He also started penning down stories for children and reading aloud to them after school as he believed that “When the readers don’t come to books, the books must go to the readers“.

There children used to have a problem in pronouncing his name and so he has given him the name of Uncle Moosa.

Mundayoor launched his passion to promote knowledge and education for which he introduces the ‘de-institutionalized library movement’–which are standalone libraries not being a part of any institution and have an aim to provide reading material beyond the school curriculum. This library for children as part of the Lohit Youth Library Movement. This library named the Bamboosa Library.

Uncle Moosa is one of the 118 recipients of the Padma Shri for 2020.

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  1. It’s so inspirational to know about such a kind-hearted soul and I feel immense pride to know that he hails from my state. 🙂 Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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