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India’s architecture and momentum are so valuable and important for all of us, which should be treasured and taken care of. But there is something we are still unaware of, we know Vikramajit as a heritage activist and an educator.

Born on 10 February 1983, he left his job as he loved to explore and believed in Individual Social Responsibility. Starting his heritage exploration which he named as the Project Didar-i-Dilli where he was exploring monuments of Delhi and they are so accurate that today they are the reliable source of information on the monuments and rulers of Delhi.

He loves Indian heritage and promoting it and bringing in front of the entire world with the help of photography. Heritage photography club is established in 2010, talking about various monuments and now he has registered his trust Youth for Heritage Foundation.

Heritageshaala is launched in January 2017 by Vikramjit, which is an education company set up heritage labs in schools and colleges. Not even this his company develops card and board games to teach school students about their Indian Heritage.

He is one who is surely bringing our Indian heritage, which is not known to get the right place.

I write this post under 26 inspiring stories series for AtoZ challenge hosted by Blogchatter!!

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  1. This is the first time I’m reading your blog but I’m happy I stumbled upon this post. I am going to bookmark your blog to read the other inspiring stories soon after this A2Z. I happen to read about Vikramjit in a post earlier. He sure is an inspiration Thanks for the lovely post 🙂
    I hope you are having a wonderful A2Z yourself.

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