Tough lady Dr. Ritu Biyani


I have to learn a lot from my life and it strengthens me every day, but there are few who give meaning to their lives without losing faith even after misfortunes. Rather, they restart with more enthusiasm and zeal to give back society values and learnings.

Dr. Ritu Biyani is one such strong lady, and a breast cancer survivor in 2006, who went through several surgeries and Chemotherapy. This must dishearten for Ritu, but being a dentist she never gave up her profession.

She mentioned: “When in 2000 due to chemotherapy I had to go bald and a dental patient visited me and got to know that about my breast cancer, she left the clinic thinking cancer as communicable diseases.

Because of such misconceptions and to spread awareness and knowledge she started her mission  High>>>Ways Beyond Cancer, an amazing and unique drive to link adventure sports with cancer awareness mission across the country. 


Aim of this mission is to create awareness, removing myths, fears, ignorance, counseling, guiding, and many other aspects to all fighters of cancer fighters. Post her treatment she soloed drive in remote areas and covering different states, cities, villages for her drive was more than 30,000kms in 177 days.

Ritu is a mountaineer, skydiver, paratrooper, and the wonderful person is on a mission to create right awareness and education among every woman across the globe.

Ritu is a record holder in Limca Book of Records India for being the First Woman to do a solo drive to the four tips of India. They are the First Mother-Daughter Duo expedition on cancer awareness across the country.

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  1. What a wonderfully resilient woman. Thanks for sharing her story.

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