Stay fit Domestic Engineers

Stay fit Domestic Engineers

For me, it’s very important to stay fit and when it comes to the health issue of moms …then every mom should be fit and happy. Now, for me every woman is working women, whether she is doing 9 am to 6 pm office job or being a domestic engineer.

Being a domestic engineer is the toughest job in this world. I think they are working round the clock without any fixed salary and holidays but still, you will find only these Engineers the happiest engineers in the world.

I feel this is one community of ladies who just ignore themselves more than anyone else. Being among one of them I feel we should take good care of ourselves so that we can give best in our 24/7 job.

5 tips to stay fit

  1. Be Selfish: Yes, being selfish is not at all bad. take out time and think what makes you happy more reading, singing dancing anything … I usually take my time out by dancing. It not only makes me happy but keeps me fit and fresh.

  2. Go on a walk: Put your shoes and headphones and go on the walk early morning it will sure give you good vibes and positive energy for the whole day.
  3. Eat good breakfast: You are the queen of your house and deserve lavish meals but don’t skip your breakfast as I know mornings are always busy for us but skipping breakfast not only make you irritating but also effects a lot on your health.
  4. Don’t ignore problems: If you have a small health issue also don’t just let it go. Go to the doc and get it checked, regular check up doesn’t mean you are not fit but it’s just for your good health. Read this for more
  5. Sleep: We always teach kids early to bed and early to rise but never follows but remember our body also need rest and 8 hours of good sleep. So, don’t compromise with your health and sleep.

So what tips you are following to be fit for yourself and loved ones do let me know in comment section below.

Stay Fit

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23 thoughts on “Stay fit Domestic Engineers

  1. I agree with you ruchie on all points. indeed we have to be little selfish and take out me time, it helps in being mentally and physically fit.

  2. Haha, loved this term – domestic engineer. Sounds much better and dignified than housewife. I loved all the pointers, Ruchi, but the first one is bang on target. Be selfish. In our domestic problems, the one person we forget to care about is ourself. We need to put ourself first if we want to be fit and healthy for the entire family.

  3. I take good care of myself. Being obsessive about staying healthy helps me look after my needs better. I have a good breakfast and take care of what I eat all through the day. I do Yoga every morning and go for a walk every evening. In fact,without a walk, I feel my day is incomplete! I also try and stay busy in my hobbies so that my mind stays occupied and all the negative thoughts stay at bay.

  4. You are absolutely right. Stay-At-Home-Moms have a most important role to play and they are the most important members of the family, in fact even more important than the so-called breadwinner. They work tirelessly and tend to neglect themselves taking care of everyone else around them. It is extremely important for the husband to see to it that the backbone of the family is happy in mind and body.

  5. I love the title and completely agree with what you said. Being selfish isn’t bad and women must always make sure to pay attention to themselves too.

  6. Loved the first tip of being selfish. We as mothers tend to overlook our fitness as we find it hard to put ourselves above the family but we got to be selfish here!

  7. A much needed fitness guide, Ruchi as you’ve summed up many important points on health.

    I specially agree with the one about sleeping sound and enough. Also about regular health checkups to rule out dreaded diseases.

  8. General information yet very important ones that we usually tend to miss. I am very lethargic when it comes to going for a morning walk, so I made a ‘walking buddy’, to motivate each other to wake up and go for the walk.

  9. You are bang on! We are so used to putting others before us, that it is detrimental for our well being. We need to start conditioning ourselves better

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