How Online games can help in good mental health?

According to the 2020 research by Oxford University, they found that playing online games may improve your mental health and make you happier in life, and fade away tension and depression from life.

Mental Health is the state of well-being, in which an individual can realize his/her abilities and can perform them to the best of their capabilities.

Online video games are a space where a depressed, stressed, anxious, or lonely individual finds recreation and has time to socialize with the other team members.

Online games give individuals a sense of belonging that they are a part of a community and other people appreciate their participation in the game. This helps in building confidence in the individuals.

Apart from these, online games can also boost mood, give a pleasure of winning, build leadership, etc.

Nowadays, playing online games is no less than therapy for good mental health. If an individual cannot afford expensive therapies and medications, playing online games can be an excellent alternative for them sometimes.

Recently, I have been also feeling a little stressed in life because of huge loads of work, and I felt it has affected the peace of my mind and I realized I am getting little or no recreation in life nowadays.

So I thought playing some games on the internet could be a decent option for me as well as for my mental health, so I browsed through the internet and came to know about this interesting online gaming website, where I had time to refresh myself by playing some interesting and mind-blowing games.

About is a nonprofit free online gaming website, founded in 2000.

No matter who you are, adults or kids, you can find several interesting games on this website to play which can refresh your mind and boost your mood too. They are super interesting.

The games you can play on this website are FreeCell, Spider, Mahjong, Golf, Tripeaks, Pyramid, Klondike, Logic Puzzle Game, Hidden Object Game, Word Games, etc.

Top 3 Games Which I Loved The Most

Solitaire Game

Solitaire Game is a game of cards which an individual can play alone too. This game emerged from northern Europe in the 17th Century.

In this game, the participant has to arrange the cards in the sequence that is from ace, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, jack, queen, king.

Once this is done the game is over. This is a quite interesting as well as challenging card game of concentration and skill where you have to arrange all the cards in a particular sequence.

This game has several versions, the most popular ones are FreeCell, Spider, Mahjong, Golf, Tripeaks, Pyramid, Klondike.

Online games

Hidden Object Game 

This game is one of the best games I have ever played in my entire life. If you want to test your concentration power and even increase it, I would highly recommend you to play this game.

In this game the participant will be presented a picture with some objects or maybe numbers, etc hidden in the image, the participant has to find those hidden objects.

There are a total of 10 levels in this game, at each level, there will be a timer, if you pass all the 10 levels in the specified time period, you won.

This game is very interesting, and it can really help you in increasing your focus.

Logic Puzzle Game

Logic Puzzle Game is yet another exciting game I loved playing on this website, the other name I would give this game is a mental exercise.

In this game, the participant has to make a letter by the numbers given on the screen and solve the puzzle by taking as little time as possible. I loved playing this game.


I never thought that this is going to be my stress buster, but playing online games on has been a mood booster and refreshing for me. Lately I was feeling so stressed and now I feel recharged again. The stress I had in my mind is all gone and I feel refreshed and energized.

I think it’s better sometimes we all should take some rest and play some games. It’s good for our mental health and it also gives us all a chance to spend quality time with our family too.

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  1. Oh thanks for sharing the link, quick games are such a stressbuster!

  2. Recently, I read about the psychological benefits of online gaming. During this time when we all some kind of stress, it is always better to have a few options handy. Its been a while I have played solitaire.

  3. i had also visited and review solitaire. org website recently and loved the versatile collection of games. cooking with mahjong was the game that I liked you most. thanks for sharing your honest experience.

  4. True!! as you said that playing online games may improve our mental health and make us happier in life, and fade away tension and depression from life. Obviously, games are one of the popular choices for entertainment. However, not always online gaming could help us. Depending on how you use online gaming, it can be both useful and harmful.

  5. Hey Ruchi all that the games are my favorite too. It helps you to chern your brain and helps to improve cognitive skills. Though I an not in favour of anything online but they can definitely helps you to reduce stress.

  6. I am a huge fan of online games and my favorite one is Tennis Clash. Online games keep me busy during lean time and also ensures I learn about winning and losing. Keeps me in good mental health as well.

  7. Technology can be harnessed positively to enhance thinking, memory, and creativity. Online games are an example of this. The games are really challenging and can help in better focus and concentration. Solitaire is of course a classic example of this.

  8. I’ve found online games therapeutic at times and do spend some time destressing with them. Solitaire has been one of my favourites. The others sound fun to play too.

  9. This is one of my favourite websites to play games on as I love to play solitaire games. Whenever I get free time I play on their website. No need fo download the game and we can directly play it

  10. Glad to know about these online games and I am sure this would be very relaxing for all, kids as well as adults. This was my favorite game while growing up and even now.

  11. I know that online games are really good for mental health as it makes you think and stimulates the mind. I do hope to start playing some of these online games.

  12. Online games are indeed a great way to boost mental health. While they are good at educational and learning skills it helps in making the brain go through the exercise of logical thinking and reasoning leading to strong mental health.

  13. Online games are definitely be coming stress busters. The pandemic and wfh culture has definitely added to all stress and thus does look like a great way to unwind. I really want to try finding the object and logic puzzle will give it a try

  14. Solitaire by itself is an amazing game. I have been playing on and enjoy the games they have there. A nice website with some meaningful games.

  15. Online games are definitely helping people to cope with the pandemic situation. I have played at . I really like the games there.

  16. Online gaming is a great way to stay entertained and keep our brains operating. The website looks good, I’ll check out.

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