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When in today’s world we are heading towards skin problems because of chemicals and harmful ingredients, we really need something which can save us from these problems. Azafran is one such brand which gives us a cool breeze with their natural and organic products. 

Recently I got 4 amazing products from Azafran and used it for some time, trust me after I can’t stop sharing my experience here. 

About Azafran:

With only motive to serve every customer with products which are environmentally friendly, Azafran uses natural and purest ingredients which they grow, harvest, extract and processed at their own facilities. 

They have organic products from personal care to baby care and even in cold-pressed cooking oils, home care to organic crayons too for kids. They are keeping their motive of saving our planet by using sustainable and biodegradable ingredients in their products.

They are not using chemical fertilizers & pesticides when growing the herbs and all ingredients are ECOCERT & USDA certified.

Azafran Organic Crayons   


This is something my kids fall in love and my little one who only knows to colour now just loved these and started showing his creativity with little help of her sister. Key ingredients which make these square-shaped crayons more special are Organic waxes of Palm & Soya, Organic Soya Butter and food grade colours.


Its square shape a gives the child to hold it properly and colour his imagination in a better way. 

What I like most about these Crayons: 

  1. Organic & Eco-friendly. Non-toxic.
  2. Made with certified organic ingredients.
  3. Improves motor skills – encourages hand-eye coordination.
  4. The crayon blocks do not roll off the table.



Price: Rs 350/- Buy Now 

Azafran Baby Gentle Body Wash & Shampoo


When in today’s scenario we are scared of harmful chemicals and daily in news and paper we read how much chemicals affecting generations now relief is getting organic shampoo and body wash for kids is really like a blessing. 

This body wash with ingredients like Mineral-rich water, coconut sourced ingredients and organic glycerine cleans delicate skin and hair without drying and best to use from head to toe.


The product is paraben & sulphate free. My little one enjoys taking bath and with this, it’s easy to make him enjoy more without the tension of harmful chemicals.

This is not only product Azafran offering for little ones but also has an entire baby range to cater every need – nourishing cream, soap & massage oil. 

Price: Rs 400/- for 200gm Buy Now 

Azafran D’fend SPF 30+ Creme


Now, this is really needed one as we always plan some daytime activity and harmful radiations could be a major problem for our skin. This daily creme provides high broad spectrum sun protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. 

With the richness of minerals of calcium, iron, magnesium the soya butter moisturizes the skin. The product is paraben & sulphate free and can be used year round and can be useful for all skin type and even for 2+ year child.

Price: Rs 700/- for 100g Buy Now

Azafran Tropical Breeze Liquid Laundry Detergent


I really loved this product as my clothes are loving this. You will be surprised to know that this is India’s 1st plant-based laundry detergent. Even can be used anyways either in top load, front load machine or for handwash as it is safe on hands.

It not only removes tough stains but also have natural fabric conditioner and I don’t have to buy other detergents for kids clothes as this is suitable for baby clothes too. This is made with naturally derived and biodegradable ingredients. 

I love the fragrance of this detergent which comes from your clothes.


Price: Rs 400/- for 1L Buy Now

I have all the organic products for my kids for my clothes. Do you also believe in the Organic product, which one do you use? Do let me know in comment section below.

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Ruchi Verma

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  1. organic crayon this is interesting and unique for me. this really must have because even kids try to put the crayon in the mouth too. everything organic and safe for kids. I will try out the products

  2. Thank you for introducing your readers to this organic and healthy product line. I was not aware of this brand before I read your post, but I will check it out now.

  3. Anything organic and natural and it has my vote, especially skincare products for our little ones. And I absolutely love those crayons.

  4. This looks interesting for kids, I haven’t heard about them earlier, Thanks for sharing the details here. would check them out.

  5. I love the different range of products the brand has to offer. These are distinct. And the fact that all the products are safe and promise well being is of much importance to me as a mother

  6. Amazing and beautiful post. Azafran wash is best for kids. It helps to removes stains from the kids clothes. The packaging is also good. Great thoughts.

  7. Wow! Azafran has so many distinct type of products and those crayons look perfect for making drawings and keeping kids engaged.

  8. I have used Azafran skin care products and they are all free..I never knew they have launched kids products also

  9. I love using organic products on my baby as well as myself. These products sound really good and effective. I want to try out their clothe detergent first

  10. Loving these kids organic products, more so the crayons are perfect for my lil munchkin to be happy about. Would love to try them soon.

  11. This sounds like a fabulous brand. Organic crayons sounds awesome. I do like the unique shape which makes it easy to use.
    Must check the brand for my toddler

  12. Organic crayons is something that caught my attention the’s good to see the brand thinking so much about gentle skin of kids and making sure that their products are far from anything chemical. Thanks for introducing this brand to me.

  13. I wasn’t aware of this brand but it seems great for kids. Organic crayon is very new for me. The body wash and detergent also looks good. Will try.

  14. Interesting post… Organic to this degree where even the crayons are thought of is quite something indeed for a company to do. I like the square shape and would like to try them out for myself tooo.

  15. No doubt organic products is become need especially for our kids health. Thanks for introducing azafran products sounds safe to use from your experience

  16. A nice range of organic products. I like organic crayons for kids. Heard for first time. It looks safe and interesting

  17. Organic crayons wow and the other products from Azafran are also very good. Though the price may seem a bit on higher side but totally worth it

  18. Organic products have been my favourite since a decade. Love this blog post.

  19. I first time came across to the name of the brand.. Will definitely buy as it’s gives a huge smile for my angel’s face too.

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