Periods now stain-free with Jyoti


Jyoti is one of those people who inspire and set an example in front of society that your wish and desire to do something should be true rather than your big name, big approach or having an organization.

An investment banker by profession Jyoti calls herself a wanderer, who is in the journey of exploring herself. Featured in renowned platforms like ” Tape a Tale, Your quote,  Radiocity, The Habitat Studios Jyoti runs a project of sanitary pads distribution to underprivileged women called #STAINFREEPROJECTS in Thane.


When we asked how she got this thought of starting a “Stainfree Project” she shared ” I always believe that we all want to do something for society. But somehow it always gets a pending tick mark on our wishlist. The reason is, we spend a lot of time thinking and planning and so last year on my birthday I shared this idea and with the help of my friends we just made our journey towards this project

It started on 16th March 2019, when Jyoti and her friends joined her voluntary and did first bulk distribution in beti Chawl, Hiranandani estate and covered the entire chawl.


It’s so true that when we speak about the essentials of living we just name food, clothes, and home but the most essential thing for every woman every month is sanitary pads is always taken for granted. With so much taboo about talking about it, some organizations like humjoli foundation working PAN India but still in small villages and slums ladies and even their daughters are unaware of the hygiene they should maintain and how to break the myths and taboos.

Sharing about the challenges and problems Jyoti faced while distributing sanitary pads she shared “It was not easy in starting, some were hesitant to take it openly, some were scared of being seen by male members. 
Even sometime we see males mocking and staring us. Some people used to ask us various questions, regarding why we are doing this, do we want something in return? Or do we belong to some political groups but all there questions and inhibitions are normal.

Jyoti and her friends till now have distributed around 25000 pads, in villages, chawls NGOs, municipality schools, rehab centers (of sex workers, HIV positive), public health centers, house helpers, construction workers in Thane. Not only this her team has also adopted voluntary, 3 chawls and a village in thane for sanitary requirements.

Her 4-year daughter is her biggest support system who join her for every drive. If you want to support Jyoti in her small initiative connect her HERE

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  1. Ms Jyoti lives up to her name, by spreading light! An act of kindness can light up so many lives is the best way, to sum up her work. More power to her and her initiative.

  2. Lovely story. We need more powerful women like these to bring everyone up. Your write up was apt Ruchie. Thank you 🙂
    Happy A2Zing 🙂

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