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You need to have the right intention and zeal to work for society and people who can’t afford their basic needs. Onkarnath Sharma, very well known as Medicine Baba is one such example who is living for mankind.

Onkarnath Sharma started his journey as Medicine baba in 2008 when he witnessed Delhi Metro under-construction bridge collapsed in East Delhi in which it’s said that many were injured and two people lost the battle of their lives.

After first aid the injured people were sent home with further treatment as they were unable to afford the cost of the treatment. This incident was a turning point and affected him so much that he decided that he will make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Onkarnath Sharma aka Medicine baba is a retired blood bank technician from a hospital in New Delhi and lives with his wife and 44+ years specially-abled son in Delhi. He wears saffron Kurta which mentions ” Mobile medicine bank for poor patients”

Onkarnath Sharma
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Yes, he collects unused medicines from people and distributes them to the poor free of charge. He starts daily at 6 am from his home in Mangalapuri slums via travel where he can use his senior citizen pass as he can’t afford metro tickets to different and well to do areas and collects unused medicines which could help someone’s life.

He takes utmost precaution while collecting these medicines with the name of the drug, the manufacturer, expiry date and from where he is collecting the medicine. Taking 0 profit he distributes these to charitable hospitals, NGOs and clinics.

Now, in 2015 Medicine Baba trust was formed under INDIAN TRUSTS ACT 1882 under registration no. 1240 with its founder pillars Mr. Omkar Nath Sharma (Medicine Baba), Mr. Sacheen Gandhi & Mr. Arun Hooda.  

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