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Blogging is something I started for my love to write, passion to do something more than sitting at home and shaping me into a blogger one platform played an extremely important role and that is BLOGCHATTER.

For me, blogchatter is the synonym of Richa Singh to which the whole blogging community will agree. Richa with a heart of gold is a blogger herself for more than 10 years and she learned a lot from her experience and told that “It amazed me was that there wasn’t really any scope for innovation in blogging in India – we had been following an age-old curriculum of how to form groups, pick on weekly prompts, etc and the circle was getting boring.

And then comes the biggest platform and community for all of us bloggers she added “Started Blogchatter with intention, where people from all walks, all ages, stages could exchange ideas freely. And I am happy to say today at Blogchatter we have people from early stages of Blogging to fairly advanced levels – all participate in the pool, interact and grow together.”

We all know Richa, the face of this platform which connects all of us together with a strong community bond but we less know about her, she is one of the most simple and bubbly women and I was surprised to know that she gets a kick when go out for grocery shopping… She shared her less known secret ” Of all the things that calm my soul, the sheer banality of picking my own vegetables, fruits and an entire range of cheese”

Recently blogchatter was among Top 100 Marketing and Advertising Companies which is one of the golden feathers she shared her happiness with us mentioning “It feels surreal. Honestly we never even dreamed that this would come along and so it is very special. But at the same time, it reinforces our faith in our own ideas and model. And more so the happiness with which community shared this particular piece of news sweetened the success a tad bit more.

Source: FB of Richa Singh

I really have no idea what and where I would be after 25 years but surely want to continue my blogging journey with my readers and blogchatter. Sharing where she sees blogchatter in 2025 Richa said “I see myself still behind Blogchatter, hustling and building better dreams, ideas for Better Blogging in India. And Blogchatter hopefully a much larger family of Bloggers, taking their dreams and projects to the next level.”

Giving bloggers the freedom to write through different challenges like #MyFriendAlexa, #CauseAChatter #AtoZChallenge Blogchatter will never let the heart of writer’s we have.

Richa has not only given us bloggers life and platform to write and share but also helps us to stand out of crowd and make our own identity as bloggers, authors, and most important a dreamer. She shares “On most days it will look like an average day but all it takes is that one unique thought to change your life. Do not give up on the intent or the dreams

This post is written under 26 inspiring stories series for AtoZ challenge hosted by Blogchatter!!

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