Son’s puberty – Understand, help and Guide

Son’s puberty – Understand, help and Guide

April 5, 2020 16 By Ruchi Verma

Puberty, we all know it’s a physical change through which your kid’s body matures into an adult body but have you wondered how many questions, emotional, physical, and social changes it brings along with this set of age. I have heard a lot about how to discuss with your girl about changes in her body, it’s time to talk about and understand your son’s puberty and help him grow as a happy adult.

During the tween years, you will not even imagine or thought and your little boy will turn into an adolescent man. Well, to understand, in boys puberty begins at the average age between 9 years to 14 years.

5 signs of your son’s puberty

It’s always said and true that girls grow mature faster than boys. As for boys, puberty begins at 11 on an average till the late 14 years. You might notice some signs which will tell you that your little boy is growing, where some signs might make him feel embarrassed and some he just wants to keep it very private. Respect his feelings during this course of time.

1. Physical changes

He will start gaining a negligible weight and height, shoulders will broaden and muscles develop too.

2. Odor, hair, and skin

Time to make them realize their personal hygiene is very and most important as the first thing changes are body odor. Because of changes in hormones and more oil on his skin, more chances of having acne. Facial hairs will grow, and time to introduce shaving is here.

3. Voice change

This is normal and even your son would not realize that his voice is changing, but he will feel awkward and a little embarrassed when voice cracks in front of others. Now, this usually happens because his vocal cords and voice box gain mass too.

4. Growth in private parts

His penis and testicles will also grow under these changes, which will bring out questions and confusion. Involuntary erections will happen and are one part of male puberty which can occur, for absolutely no reason at all. Talk to your son and make him understand that it’s normal and it will happen for a while and you can have control over it with time. This is one of the biggest changes in your son’s puberty.

5. Mood Swings

This is the most normal sign both your son and daughter will face during the time of puberty and it happens because of the hormonal, physical, and emotional changes they’re experiencing.

Emotional, Mental and Social state of your Son

Well, this is what many parents call complicated time during which mixed emotions floats, confusing time for both tween and parents. For you, your little one is always a little boy but there is so much which runs in his mind which needs to understand.

He will be confused as you would be with changes, but he will be moody, change in interest and even you can witness a change in family dynamics. Your boy who used to share simple and small details with you now goes into his own shell.

1. He feels moody, and it’s perfectly Ok as it’s not only girls who go with mood swings but boys too as its hormonal changes. Everyone or everything might look and feel them annoying.

2. You will notice them crying often and it’s perfectly ok to share their emotions and it should be good if you be available to understand.

3. They will feel unsure about themselves because they compare themselves. Mentally it would be a challenge for them, as they compare themselves with other friends and boys regarding anything body weight, height, voice modulation, and even friendship goals.

4. Friendship goals or social connections would look more challenging and this applies to both genders. This age when they want to establish their own identity, and it includes recent friends and old ones and brings a challenge to manage both.

Son's Puberty

Parent’s role during their son’s puberty

Now, as a parent, there are few things you should know before your child hits puberty. Before you make him comfortable with the change, prepare well and comfortable explaining to him the changes. There should be proper communication between you and your son.

1. Well according to me creating a fuss about this is not right, but it doesn’t mean you ignore the changes happening and don’t step forward to clear his doubts and queries.

2. It’s totally up to you how you Be sure you point out the positive aspects of change, growing up, taking on more responsibility, and learning more things.

3. Boys trends to be a little shy to ask for advice but you have to give them confidence and let them know you are available anytime to talk.

4. Be confident and knowledgeable about the subject, before you answer your boy’s questions make sure you are ready to give the right information.

5. Don’t give half or wrong knowledge as it is said half knowledge is always dangerous, If there are questions that you can’t answer, ask your child’s doctor for advice.

Tips you should always share with your son

1. Tell them to take a shower daily because of hormonal changes their sweat and body odor can embarrass them. Take them shopping with you and let them choose their fav soap, shampoo, and other products.

2. Basic hygiene is very important and time for them to learn to change their undergarments and washing them daily is their job and they should do that.

3. Internet and social media are so easily available for all their questions to make them understand that it’s not bad to look out for answers but not every information are correct so before going on any conclusion tell them you are available to discuss.

4. Dad plays an important role as they can talk and share their experiences and even mistakes they have done so that your son doesn’t repeat that. Let dad-son duo make the best use of this time to spend together.

With these social, emotional, and mental changes your adolescent boy is ready to make his own identity and learning every day to become an individual who is mature and independent. You need to be a support system and guide him.

It’s not only they are growing physically but also developing their mental skills, decision-making skills with their own actions.

Your son’s puberty is an important stage of life where he will learn and understand more whatever knowledge he will get from you and turn into a responsible citizen and person!!

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