Open Letter to my daughter – 25 life lesson #BlogALeague

Recently social media was flooded with National girl child day messages. It’s a blessing to be parents whether a boy or a girl. Parenthood is a new beginning of a life that we relive and I am blessed with both genders- a girl and a boy!!

This day I want to write an open letter to my daughter “IRA”.

Lovingly Ira,

I know you are a big girl who will soon hit teens and I feel happy and proud that you are growing up responsible even caring and loving person. As I daily used to mention “Beta be focused” it means many things…I will be with you throughout life giving my suggestions (whether you like it or not, kya karu maa hoon) and this is a basic triad of any mother.

But, today I am writing this open letter with some life lessons to you with some advice and I am sure these will help you out in life.

1. Remember Ira you are one of your own kind and special. God has created beautiful human beings and all are different and special. So value yourself, love, and understand that you are just YOU.

2. When I am saying YOU ARE YOU it means don’t ever compare yourself with others and don’t give this permission to compare you.

3. Now, when you know yourself, love yourself as when you love yourself then only you can spread love and happiness. Self-love is important.

4. Dream, do dare to dream as those who dream only they have a vision or goal to achieve.

5. Your dreams might need you to step out of your comfort zone don’t hesitate, step out and take chance to live and conquer your dream.

6. No one is perfect and so you will also make mistakes in life, it’s OK to do mistakes, learn to accept those mistakes just like pencils have erasers to clear their mistakes you too accept and clear your mistakes.

7. Make friends, many friends but remember you should choose friends who lift you up, encourage you rather who put you down.

8. Learn to give, be generous. Remember, as I always say expectation is the root cause of pain and sadness. When you start giving up without expectation you will be happy in the end.

9. Good deeds always return back in some way or the other just keep doing good and giving others what you can.

10. You have heard me many times saying “Keep smiling” trust me it’s the best medicine. Laugh and keep spreading the virus of happiness.

11. Who loves complain boxes, so don’t be one. Be a problem solver rather than complaining of small and big things.

12. You love reading, trust me books are always best and good friends for life. Read more and more but remember to pass your knowledge as it will only grow while sharing.

13. Be independent in life, stand up on your feet, financially independent girl make your own place and learn to take responsibilities.

14. Stand for the right thing, don’t be afraid of speaking up the truth. As I told you that nothing can beat truth, so stand with that.

15. Learn to say NO. It’s good to help others but sometimes you might feel this work or that approach doesn’t go with your value. It’s perfectly OK to SAY NO. You don’t always have to please everyone.

Open Letter

16. You might not know who follows you, look up to you and for whom you are an inspiration, like your little sister Khushi and Little Vir, for them you might be a role model. Set an example that gives value to their life too.

17. Bindaas jeeyo, Go for adventure, take a vacation and remember to spend some time with yourself. Ask a question to yourself, pamper yourself.

18. Respect your relationships, as that will be your assets.

19. Don’t give excuses, don’t lie as the truth might be painful but much better than uncountable lies.

20. If someone, anyone makes you uncomfortable raise your voice, shout and tell them clearly that their presence makes you uncomfortable, share that with your closed ones, with me, daida, Viraj or whom you trust.

21. Iru, as I said learn to say NO but saying THANK YOU or showing gratitude is equally important. If you feel or if someone did well to you make sure that you give a hug or thank you or make her/him realize happy about their deeds.

22. Be very careful as building up trust takes years-long journey but breaking them just a few seconds and that hurts a lot. Don’t break the trust of anyone.

23. Once in a day without fail thank God for giving such a beautiful and wonderful life.

24. Remember, everything is always okay in the end. If it’s not okay, then it’s not the end yet.

25. You know what you are my pride, our pride, we love you lot and always stand for you, we trust you, we want you to be successful and come out with flying colors.

These are few lessons for the life I wanted to share with you are a big girl with a great sense of humor(keep that alive), good sportsmanship (remember till the time you keep playing sports you will not grow old.)

Mumma <3

I firmly believe in teaching up girls, make them stand on their feet. Follow and wish all follow like me in gender parenting and raising both gender kids equally without degrading son’s as it’s only we as a parent can give right values to our kids. Just a request up bring all girls in society but stop blaming son.

This open letter is written for Blog-A-league challenge and you can be a part of the same.

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Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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  1. I can so relate to every point you shared. I too wish to let my girls know the same when they grow a little older. We gotta get our girls ready for the real world. Cheers for raising strong girls!

  2. Lovely letter written & Truly said…daughter are darling. The way you have expressed its simply amazing. As kids grow we make them understand how the real world is and teach them to be strong.

  3. Lovely letter and beautiful lesson for life. Ira must be very proud to read such wonderful lines by her darling mom.

  4. This is SO sweet! This is such a wonderful gift that I’m sure she will treasure forever. I love the whole list, but number 11# truly stands out to me. The complaint box- Ha, ha, classic! Yes, be a problem solver! Those who are, are truly outstanding! You are a wonderful role model for your daughter!

  5. Aaawwww….you are surely the best Mama I have met today! I love how you have encouraged Ira to read more and refuse to be manipulated.

  6. This is a beautiful letter to your daughter. All moms should go through this exercise as much for their children as for themselves.

  7. What a special way to give your daughter something that she can look back on whenever she needs to. So sweet!

  8. This is such a sweet post, the learn to say no point resonated with me so much

  9. This is a good way to motivate and also encourage children to be at their best, to be independent and to act on themselves. You are doing the right thing! You are a good parent!

  10. wow this so amazing idea and love your things and how you help your daughter to find herself! awesome!

  11. Beautiful sediments to your daughter Ira. I am sure she will grow up and keep these words with her!

  12. I think this is a wonderful idea, your daughter will find this so beneficial. I also think the points are vert insightful.

  13. Such a sweet letter from a caring mother. And your daughter is so sweet too. Great piece of advise and conveyed in a manner to touch her heart. Loved reading.

  14. This letter made me cry. It sounds a lot like the bond my daughter and I have. She left for college at 18. Before she hadn’t been a day apart from me.

  15. This was so beautiful! Very touching and meaningful, your daughter will love this!

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