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Well, I am famous in my friends and family that always ready for selfie and pose, but sometimes some selfies are clicked not for self but with pride. 

I am so thrilled to travel yesterday to Delhi for some blogging fun and ended up with the little exploring city which is ready to welcome all and have its own stories to tell. 

To be frank, I never explored Delhi being originated from Uttar Pradesh and had an impression what really now a day news channels shows. 

Delhi has its own beauty and then I visited much to visit place INDIA GATE, and while clicking pictures a little girl aged around 11-12 years grabbed my attention. 

She reached towards me and said, “Didi yeh le lo bangles, necklace, earning apni friends ko gift karna”.

I turned to her and saw dressed in traditional lehnga and fully dressed perfectly. 

I asked, “Tum kaam kar rahi ho?” Mummy Kaha hai?  (You are working where is your mother?)

She said” Mummy bhi udhar sale kar rahi”.( Mummy is also selling another side)

I looked up her collection and picked few pieces as doesn’t want her to go without selling anything to me. Then I said to her “This is the age to study and you are doing work…do you study?” 

She replied proudly in ENGLISH ” I go to school did and in 6th std, selling these to help mummy and our home expenses” 

I was really felt proud that her looks and the way she dressed may look like that she is just roadside seller daughter….

But she is getting quality education and upbringing which any kid of this country needs. 

I clicked this selfie with her.

This will be always special to me as it made me feel proud.

Proud that I am a citizen of a country where definitely “Beti Padhao, Beti Bachao” is working well and girls and their family treating them equally. 

My Selfie experience filled with proud and happiness at the same time.


This girl actually told me that she is having two younger brothers also.

They all go to school and later in evening they all help with their parents to sell this artificial jewelry. 

More power to this and every parent of India to make this country a better place for educated and self-dependent. 

Do you also want great Selfie?

There are many apps and ways to click selfie but if you really want a great selfie I will say to for Mobiistar,  with their front, dual selfie camera that captures a 120° wide-angle shot to get the more picturesque background into the frame.

Great, it’s now Mobiistar on Flipkart.

I feel this little girl called Mishri is really a #mobiistar.

© Ruchie Verma.

Disclaimer: Post written for a contest for A selfie a day keeps forgetfulness away.

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18 Thoughts to “Selfie with Mishri”

  1. Love what you write
    Keep posting ?

  2. Girl is cute . Ruchie I love your selfie plus your sweet gesture of clicking pic with her.

  3. thoughtful interesting story telling

  4. Anonymous

    Thats such a sweet gesture?

  5. Anonymous

    Thats such a sweet gesture ?

  6. Deepali Dhawan

    Thats such a sweet gesture ?

  7. Love the post so much.

  8. A really sweet post, Ruchie. That is a lovely and memorable selfie too.

  9. Amazing and beautiful post. Superb! the concept of selfie is very good. Great thought.

  10. This is really a million dollar selfie! India is growing right!!

  11. Thesizzlestory

    Loved your story! Best selfie indeed?

  12. meet dhawan

    Such a great post??

  13. Its really nice to see that a girl who is selling jewelry, is getting a proper education too. Thanks for sharing this.

  14. poornima

    this is surely a million dollar selfie.. also i should check out that that captures 120 degree selfie .. quite interesting

  15. Khushboo

    That’s a beautiful post. It is actually a million dollar selfie. Girl looks really adorable

  16. This is such an awesome snippet which you shared. Truly. A million dollar selfie

  17. That girl is sooo cute and that selfie is no clear!! Despite being taken from a front camera.

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