What a mes­sage? Have you got this on your What­sapp? Have you seen it on your face­book time­line? Have you liked it, com­ment­ed and shared? 

The­se few mes­sages are float­ing on social media and peo­ple are lik­ing it. As a moth­er of a beau­ti­ful daugh­ter, I too like it but to be hon­est half part of it. 

Our hon­or­able PM, Shri Naren­dra Modi motive “Beti Pad­hao Beti Bachao” is boom­ing but he nev­er said “Bete ko girao aur beti ko uthao” 

Accord­ing to the­se mes­sages, SON’s are def­i­nite­ly going to ruin your life so why to take care of them because at last all would be done by beti. 


  1. DON’t judge upbring­ing: Par­ents or whoso­ev­er is float­ing this kind of mes­sages., sor­ry to say but you are ques­tion­ing your­self about your wrong upbring­ing. I received such mes­sages from fathers of son- those fathers are also the son of some­one, father of daugh­ters — the­se are also the son of some­one. By spread­ing such mes­sages you are not only giv­ing an exam­ple of how bad upbring­ing you are giv­ing your KIDS and even you are some­where mak­ing your par­ents feel­ing shame that this is upbring­ing we have given to our son. 
  2. DON’t judge my future: As a par­ent, I am giv­ing my kids upbring­ing and I don’t know what my future will bring in my plate but this kind of mes­sage real­ly doesn’t suit edu­cat­ed peo­ple to pass on or share on.
  3. DON’t judge on few unwant­ed SON in soci­ety: I have seen my dad giv­ing his 100% to his par­ents, I have seen my father in law giv­ing 100% to his par­ents, I have seen my male friends who give 100% to their par­ents and above all I see a great SON in my hub­by who gives his 100% to his par­ents. 
  4. DON’t judge as there are old age homes: Yes, it’s still sad that there are many old age homes in the coun­try and our senior citizen’s uncount­able tears are speak­ing thou­sands of words. Is it real­ly only because of some few SON the­se old age homes are open? Think twice !!! NO!!! it’s because of both SON and Daugh­ter in laws… yes!!! the day daugh­ter in law is ready to take up the respon­si­bil­i­ty of in laws as she wants her par­ents to be treat­ed half of such old age homes will be shut down. Now from daugh­ter in law I got a word daugh­ter (remem­ber she is the one whom as a father or moth­er we are prais­ing above Son, I am not again­st this… check my OBJECTION NO: 5)
  5. Equal­i­ty: We are in the 21st cen­tu­ry and we talk about equal­i­ty to wom­en rights and equal­i­ty for edu­ca­tion and yes, we are pro­vid­ing which we should but it looks like to give equal­i­ty and edu­ca­tion to girl child we just try to degrade our SON to raise DAUGHTER
  6. DON’t Mis­Use Social Media: “You will reap what you sow” Don’t spread the wrong mes­sage to the world again­st Son that dream­ing of the male child gets over. It sounds nice to hear that I want girl child but don’t do like when a male child is born you feel sad or bad. Uti­lize social media to cre­ate aware­ness about hap­pi­ness and car­ing to feel in fam­i­ly rather cre­at­ing dif­fer­enc­ing between boy and girl 
  7. STOP JUDGING MY SON: If the­se are points to judge my SON ..PLEASE STOP JUDGING HIM

I am proud daugh­ter of my par­ents who always said and given me upbring­ing as a DAUGHTER only say­ing “You can also be on high posi­tion as any SON” but nev­er said you are our SON not because they dis­crim­i­nate between two but they want­ed me to under­stand what actu­al­ly equal­i­ty means and today I feel proud that if I have to help my mom after los­ing my dad I don’t think twice and if my in laws need any­thing I even don’t think twice and vice ver­sa my hub­by is equal­ly tak­ing respon­si­bil­i­ty of his par­ents and my mom so I am proud of him as he is Great SON and giv­ing the same upbring­ing to his SON


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28 Thoughts to “Don’t Blame my SON

  1. Very well said Ruchie, I agreed. And what I feel, we dont real­ly shout out for Beti bachao and kind of things. First­ly, there is no dif­fer­ence between a boy and a girl. All are equal and we have to believe that from inside.My expe­ri­ence telling me that when a girl is doing good and going high there are wom­en who are actu­al­ly pulling her down. So we need to change our mind­set.

    1. wigglingpen

      Absolutely…time to speak up truth’

  2. Very well writ­ten.. I have often found myself cring­ing when I come across such posts on what­sapp… Yes, Pro­mote girl child.. But not at the cost of putting down the boys…

    1. wigglingpen


  3. Japesh Thyagarajan

    well said Ruchi. My par­ents have two sons — me and my broth­er , and we have a son each. It hurts to see peo­ple gen­er­al­iz­ing and degrad­ing sons. I sup­port equal­i­ty and there should not be any dif­fer­ence between a boy or a girl spe­cial­ly dur­ing the child­hood and such cam­paigns do pre­cise­ly the oppo­site.

    1. wigglingpen

      I’m so glad to see ur com­ment Japesh ..it’s real­ly nec­es­sary to stop this dis­crim­i­na­tion!!

  4. How very well said, no one reads or tries to under­stand in between the lines when the entire com­mu­ni­ty is ONLY talk­ing about daugh­ters why snub SONS. love­ly take on the prompt of Free­dom.

    1. wigglingpen

      It’s high time n we should speak for it

  5. I am a mom of Son and daugh­ter. I can relate to the post. Yes Dont Judge. IF the sterotyp­i­cal nature which we are fol­low­ing. Love­ly post thanks for shar­ing.

    1. wigglingpen

      Thanks for lik­ing n hop­ping here

  6. This is very well said! I think it is about equal­i­ty and not about this child or that one. I feel we must encour­age free­dom of bring­ing up chil­dren equal­ly, with the focus on prin­ci­ples and not the sex of the child.
    Inter­est­ing post — you have brought up such an impor­tant point.

    1. wigglingpen

      Thanks dearie

  7. Raised an impor­tant point through this post. My upbring­ing hap­pened just like you and i have two — 1 girl and 1 boy. I am try­ing my best to give each of them the inde­pen­dence they deserve and as you said dont blame any­one — son or daugh­ter.

    1. wigglingpen


  8. I so agree to all your points… Let kids be as they are with­out get­ting bias. This will sure­ly give them a good upbring­ing and bet­ter under­stand­ing of free­dom.

  9. I have a daugh­ter and I total­ly agree with you. There must be equal­i­ty, not snatch­ing the priv­i­leges from boys and giv­ing them to girls.

  10. I sin­cere­ly feel that it’s about time that some­one spoke about this sen­si­tive issue. I agree a girl child should be pro­tect­ed but not at the costs of ignor­ing a son

  11. You have nailed it Ruchie… I too got such mes­sages on social media and it is tru­ely weird… I have also a son and I think if we well­bring our kids in a prop­er man­ner, then their is noth­ing to blame in future… We should under­stand daugh­ter and son both are equal ..
    Your post is tru­ely a great ini­tia­tive towards it… Thank you for shar­ing…

    1. wigglingpen

      Thanks for lik­ing it!!

  12. Surbhi

    Wow!! What a great post. I am at loss of words. I am a moth­er of a girl and a boy and total­ly relat­ed to every word you have writ­ten.

  13. Mayank

    How beau­ti­ful­ly you artic­u­late one’s though is incred­i­ble. I am absolute­ly in love with this top­ic, your Blog and ofcourse You.

    1. wigglingpen

      Hehe love u too 

  14. Anonymous

    O great ! This is exact­ly what I want­ed to hear from you ? Thank you for the post ..well pend­ed ????

  15. I know what you mean Ruchie. I too feel irri­tat­ed when peo­ple who want to sound pro­gres­sive but end up pass­ing com­ments such as “You are lucky to be moth­er of daugh­ters.” I would have been equal­ly lucky had they been sons. When will this stereo­typ­ing the gen­der in kids stop?

  16. Well said …What girl and boy , both are our kids.
    Both are equal for me.Your post is tru­ely a great ini­tia­tive towards it.

  17. Inter­est­ing insights on par­ent­ing here. Glad to see this blog, Ruchi.

    1. wigglingpen

      Yes I agree to this that sons also need to be understood…thanks for choos­ing this post to read 

  18. Kavita Singh

    Peo­ple have mis­un­der­stood the mean­ing of fem­i­nism and save daugh­ters slo­gan… Equal­i­ty of gen­der can only be achieved if both the gen­ders are treat­ed equal­ly. Being a mom I res­onate with your thought process.

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