As per research, most homo-sapiens slept on the floor or trees. Sleeping on a mattress is a relatively new phenomenon though most of us would have done it from birth.

The question that needs to be asked is if the king size mattress that you are sleeping on is the best surface or is sleeping on a hard surface good for your back and general health. Some people swear by the benefits of sleeping on the floor, while there are others who prefer the comfort of a mattress to calm the aching muscles after spending long hours working.

Listed below are some of the pros and cons of sleeping on the floor.

It’s more natural to sleep on the floor:

Like mentioned earlier, human species has been sleeping on the floor since time immemorial, there are many places still where people sleep on the ground despite having the chance to use the best mattress to buy.

But most people in modern society have abandoned sleeping on the ground and instead started using soft mattresses that allow the body to sink in.

Though it can offer great comfort and everything is good initially, it is not the most natural surface for your body and can lead to many chronic problems.
Having said that mattress could not be rejected entirely, the modern day manufacturers have ensured that they improve the sleep quality. They have made different types of mattresses with different firmness to suit the individual.

Since sleeping in a mattress where your body sinks can lead to alignment problems and bad postures, you should look for a bed that does not cause such problems.


During an online mattress, purchase make sure to look for a brand which aids in maintaining the posture and also helps in spine alignment.

Body is less stiff after sleeping on the floor:

Due to people sitting in the wrong posture or standing for a long time, the body starts to stiffen, and there is a slight hunch when you sleep on a mattress due to the comfort it offers.

Due to the hunched positions, the muscles tighten, and when you wake up in the morning, you feel stiff.

But the same does not happen when sleeping on the floor, after a few days of adjustment period your body gets adapted to the surface, and all the muscles are stretched out when you wake up every morning you feel great and ready for long hours of work.

Sleeping on the floor is better for the back:

Many people who have shifted by a soft mattress to sleep on a hard surface have done so because of the chronic back problem.

Sleeping on a flat surface helps the body to realign to its natural posture easily, and there is no gap between your body and the floor which creates a great mind-body connection and a greater awareness towards your body.

The modern-day mattress has started addressing this problem and has begun manufacturing the best mattress for back pain like Wakefit which provides benefits similar to sleeping on the floor thus enabling the body to regain the natural posture that it is supposed to have while at rest.

Sleeping on the floor has downsides too. The luxury of sleeping on a mattress is something that is pleasant which is incomparable. The other drawbacks are that if the floor is dirty and you don’t have the time to clean, it’s not a great feeling to sleep on it.

If you decide to experiment sleeping on the floor before you decide on the best mattress to buy, look at all the factors including how it can affect you or help you. Irrespective of the surface you sleep on, the sleep quality and your overall well-being are of great importance.

“Your future depends on your dreams,

Sleep right to achieve your dream”

Do let me know in the comment section are you really having sound sleep on your mattress?

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