2018 Year to remember

Last day of the year 2018, with many ups and downs ..this year has given me unforgettable memories. Some might add little happiness, some mix with proud and success and some gaps which can never be filled.

Every year begins with the most amazing man’s birthday and I feel lucky that he is my man, with a celebration and festivals we top off this 2018 as every year… So, what’s new in 2018…

Memories with 2018

Dancing is not only my hobby but my passion too, I learned Kathak and always ready to perform, This year I got the chance to participate in Dancing Diva competition in Thane and won a prize too…

Check out my audition and final dance performance: 

Naninowale ne from Patmavat- Audition
Satyam Shivam Sundaram Finale performance

Not only this performed group dance too in front of 500+ audience after around so many years….

I got chance to perform and relive my passion again with full support of my life partner with whom I completed 11 years in 2018… 11 long years and then …after 11 years I celebrated Diwali with my mom just like my childhood.

Accolades in 2018

When someone asks me what I do and I say PROUDLY that I am a Blogger and tells my blog name and when getting response from another side ” Oh!! you are wigglingpen” that is what I call achivement. 

Apart from this special what I earned this month was getting listed among




Both of these awards are extremely special and holds special place which certainly going to give me more motivation to keep on good work.


I am so grateful to everyone and 2018 for giving me endless memories and yes, the pain of losing loved ones this year can’t be filled but life goes on and I promise to be better next year.


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Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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  1. for me also 2018 was a great year professionally, it is when I took writing as full-time work. And focused on my social media handles and blog

  2. 2018 was enriching and satisfying for you on so many levels as you followed your creative passions and pursuits. Great going, Ruchi, Wishing you the very best for 2019 too. Cheers!

  3. 2018 was a great year for you Ruchi with so many wonderful memories and I am sure 2019 has in-store much more . All the Best.

  4. wow. this year has been a year of achievements for you! here is wishing you more in the coming years,

  5. You are doing really good dear. Playing so many roles in life and that is also with a happy face. All the best. More power to you.

  6. So happy to know how your 2018 went dear, I know you really work hard and so all these are meant to come your way

  7. You are an inspiration, Ruchi. I look up to you so much. All the very best for the fututre.

  8. 2018 was a beautiful year for me as well! ? BTW lovely photos dear! ?

  9. What a great year you had. More more to you Ruchie. May you break many more walls and achieve greater heights.

  10. Good to know that you have had a wonderful 2018. Looking forward tio a great summary of 2019 as well. Congratulations on these acheivements

  11. I am so glad and happy to read that you followed your passion for dancing. I absolutely loved this post, so much of positivity, Congratulations on the achievements.

  12. So much to rejoice in personal as well as professional level in 2018! I hope you have many such years in your life and enjoy love and success.

  13. Glad to hear, you grew more professionally in the year 2018. you write very well, I can relate with your posts. Wishing for more wonderful achievements in life.

  14. You are a star Ruchie. I liked your dance performance in the video. Congratulations for the awards, keep growing.

  15. Wow Ruchie, the accolades are always to cherish and make the momentum going. And I liked you took your passion for dancing forward after so many years.

  16. Oh God! I love this self appreciation post. I loved how you participated in dancing diva. Would love to see those videos in free time for sure. May there be more more such bright days for you. Best of luck

  17. You have really rocked in 2018 and I am sure you are scaling new peaks in 2019 too. All the best for surpassing many more milestones

  18. What a lovely 2018. You are a beautiful dancer, and i hope you get to express yourself more in the coming years.
    Hope this year is awesome

  19. Wowww! I am so so proud of you , 2018 has been full of achievements for you ! 2018 has given me my little one ,it’s really special for me too

  20. I am so glad that your blog is reaching great heights… More success to you! Also, the dance videos are amazing!

  21. I agree, 2018 was a great year. But now that I think of it, it seems like it was just yesterday and now 2019 is almost over too! Damn, time’s moving fast

  22. Wow, 2018 was such an eventful year for you. I feel it is good to have ups and downs because they keeps you grounded. I hope 2019 will be equally good for you.

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