Hridya (Griha) Pravesh

Day 5


After bidai cer­e­mony which used to be very emo­tion­al & painful for bride & her fam­i­ly, grooms fam­i­ly make sure to wel­come their new mem­ber of fam­i­ly with love & full hap­pi­ness.

Gri­ha Pravesh of any bride used to be most impor­tant part of her life. She always want­ed to be wel­comed & accept­ed by new fam­i­ly whole hearti­ly. In this cer­e­mony bride push­es a kalash con­tain­ing rice by her right toe at the entrance. After that, she enters with­in the house by step­ping her right feet dip in water con­tain­ing ‘red kumkum’. This way she leaves her foot­prints across the home as she walks, sig­ni­fy­ing that the God­dess Laxmi has entered the home, bring­ing suc­cess and pros­per­i­ty to the groom.

Some tips for Groom #

  1. Remem­ber your wife left her par­ents, sib­lings, house, room all just to be a part of your fam­i­ly, to com­plete your fam­i­ly. Stand by her in tough time of ear­ly adjust­ing phase at your place.
  2. Respect her feel­ings, try to make her smile & gig­gle so that she don’t miss her par­ents & think she took right deci­sion to mar­ry you.

Some tips for bride #

  1. Don’t think that it’s only cus­toms you have to do it.. Live it’s life time mem­o­ries.. Don’t only enter in house…rather think enter­ing in home ..remem­ber dif­fer­ence between home & house.
  2. Respect for all in family..yes you are not only mar­ried to your hus­band but you are in rela­tion­ships with each & every per­son in that home!!

Remem­ber to accept to get accept­ed!! Make this gri­ha pravesh as hridya pravesh!!!

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