Hridya (Griha) Pravesh

July 20, 2016 10 By Ruchi Verma

Day 5


After bidai ceremony which used to be very emotional & painful for bride & her family, grooms family make sure to welcome their new member of family with love & full happiness.

Griha Pravesh of any bride used to be most important part of her life. She always wanted to be welcomed & accepted by new family whole heartily. In this ceremony bride pushes a kalash containing rice by her right toe at the entrance. After that, she enters within the house by stepping her right feet dip in water containing โ€˜red kumkumโ€™. This way she leaves her footprints across the home as she walks, signifying that the Goddess Laxmi has entered the home, bringing success and prosperity to the groom.

Some tips for Groom #

  1. Remember your wife left her parents, siblings, house, room all just to be a part of your family, to complete your family. Stand by her in tough time of early adjusting phase at your place.
  2. Respect her feelings, try to make her smile & giggle so that she don’t miss her parents & think she took right decision to marry you.

Some tips for bride #

  1. Don’t think that it’s only customs you have to do it.. Live it’s life time memories.. Don’t only enter in house…rather think entering in home ..remember difference between home & house.
  2. Respect for all in family..yes you are not only married to your husband but you are in relationships with each & every person in that home!!

Remember to accept to get accepted!! Make this griha pravesh as hridya pravesh!!!

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