Do you remem­ber a movie called Bhoot uncle star­ring Jakie Shroff, ah that is my daughter’s fav one and Bhoot­nath of Big B Amitabh Bachchan, well both of the­se movies always gives me good time pass and even great stress buster.

I still remem­ber when I was in hostel mid­night some­times we always thought and even tried 😉 call­ing Ghost by plan cheat 

Trust me sleep­ing after doing such things have nev­er given me good sound sleep. What if the ghost is still under my bed or watch­ing me scared me lot more times. 

I do remem­ber mak­ing girls fool in the hostel by cov­er­ing your­self with a white bed sheet and hold­ing a can­dle and walk­ing in the cor­ri­dor and scar­ing most sweet and real­ly nice girl “Diya ” of the hostel. 

When hostel time or PG days were always bring you hap­pi­ness and smile 🙂 on the face and refresh­ing. 

Oh !! I am sure that every­one must have watched most com­e­dy and won­der­ful movie called DOSTANA star­ring John Abra­ham, Abhishek Bachchan, and Priyanka Chopra the desi girl. 

Now let us com­bine


 About Ghostana:

Well, this is some­thing which will real­ly bring you most fun episodes on Adda­times. 

Ghostana revolves around two super broke boys Vicky, a prover­bial Non-Ben­gali guy and Rajat, a Ben­gali and their tryst with a super sexy wom­an, and they get one but the only prob­lem!! She’s a Ghost of an icon­ic Cabaret dancer of the 60’s! 

It will be full and a roller coast­er ride of Vicky and Rajat and sure­ly you should not miss this one. 

Oops, till then enjoy the trail­er. 

This is an absurd, bro­mance com­e­dy with a ghost­ly twist. It is sure to tick­le your fun­ny bones with applaud­able per­for­mances by the actors in the web series. 

This web series is a new take on pre­sent­ing a com­plete Bol­ly­wood tad­ka in a short span of time. What’s worth watch­ing is the retro ele­ment in the form of cabaret song and dance num­ber.

More­over, it is just not for Ben­gali speak­ing audi­ence it is a well-blend­ed mix of Hindi, Eng­lish, and Ben­gali, also with sub­ti­tles with each dialog, thus it has a mass appeal.

It’s going to start soon on Adda­times.

Don’t miss the sin­gle episode of GHOSTANA 

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About Addatimes–

Adda­times ( world’s first Ben­gali enter­tain­ment web por­tal pro­vid­ing orig­i­nal con­tent to the view­ers. The unique­ness of our con­tent lies in the fact that it is in a ver­nac­u­lar lan­guage con­nect­ing view­ers of a par­tic­u­lar com­mu­ni­ty. We have devel­oped the con­cept keep­ing in mind the dig­i­tal­ly dri­ven era, where every­thing is becom­ing online so is enter­tain­ment ini­tia­tives, our dri­ve is to provide every­one whether Ben­gali or Non-Ben­gali their e-adda place, adda means a place to hang out with friends. Our con­tent is roman­tic, fun­ny, inspi­ra­tional, with tips and DIY’s, also cook­ing shows.

Have you ever expe­ri­ence Ghost or want­ed to have Dostana?? 

Do let me know in com­ment sec­tion below. 

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  1. This seems fun for sure. Look­ing for­ward to see more.

  2. This one seems real­ly cute and hilar­i­ous. Will sure­ly check if released. If not, gonna keep a track of it. ?

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