Confident, bubbly and filled with life Simmi was entirely changed when I met her after her 4 years. She was not the same Simmi I know since my childhood.

What I can see and from where I can see I only saw a girl fully lost her own identity and confidence.

The girl who always used to be busy with her canvas and try to fill colors into it lost colors of life. I really wanted to ask her what changed her so much and before I can utter a word…She asked, “who is she?”

Has she really forgotten me, we were best friends, danced on so many numbers on every annual function of the school, college. We both loved to paint and so we always spend our time painting so much together.

On the other bench, I saw her mom talking to someone and I rushed to her to ask what happened to Simmi? Why she is behaving like this?

Aunty hugged me and said it’s good to see you but today she is like this because of us. That’s surprising for me, I thought not to ask more but she continued….

Simmi was doing good in her job and got transferred to Chennai and we insisted her to stay with her uncle and his family where she got molested, she immediately returned back with strong thought that we will listen to her and stand by her.

But her uncle cooked up another story in front of her dad before she could have said anything. She tried her best to tell us the truth but we failed as parents and not trusted her. She covered herself in a shell and went under major depression and affected her mental health.

By the time we realized our mistake her medical condition went on an extreme level and doctors told us she is suffering from amnesia. She is in a bottle which needs to be broken and I know with friends like you she will surely come out of it!!

I wish Simmi get recover soon and parents should learn to trust their kids before anyone else so that their kids don’t get themselves locked in the bottle from where they wish to come out but not able to, they need love and trust of their family. Let’s break the bottle of depression….just break the bottle!!

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Break the Bottle

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Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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  1. A poignant story that really sends ripples across my heart and brain. This is very important that we listen and understand our own child before believing anyone else.

  2. Awesome! Breaking the bottle and Barrier is so important

  3. Hard truth hai jisko aapne itni khubsurti se likha
    Aaj bhi kai families me hota hai (

    1. Yes!! this is really sad but the truth still such parents exist!!

  4. Great response to prompt and I completely agree with you that family trust is most important and without it, anyone can suffer from depression and other major health issues.

  5. When kids are not able to explain the fear, the insecurity they r going though, it affects their mental health.

  6. How saddening this is… the loss of support from the family during this crisis is always heartbreaking. I could feel the words.

  7. Wow such a sad story. I try and keep in touch with my classmates for many reasons. Some just get into a cuccoon you cannot do much about unless you are physically near them. Hope your friend gets better soon.

    1. It’s not a real story but I hope no one suffers like this

  8. You have written so beautifully ruchi on this prompt. There are families still where such things are happening and this is so sad. Family trust is so important.

  9. Glad you wrote about this. Our own people need to believe us first, before anyone else does.

  10. This is heart breaking story of Simmi and many other kids who want to say truth to their parents but parents don’t trust them. TRUST should be the base of each relationship.

  11. Interesting concept, actually I first could not understand what break the bottle was all about. But then I realized the deeper meaning for myself.

    1. Such a nice write-up. It’s totally important to understand the real meaning.

  12. What an important message this post sends across, it is really important to break that glass .

  13. There are thousands of Simis out there who wants to be heard. Parents have to be very attentive and understsnd what the children are trying to convey. As a mother, its really tough to go through the trauma the family has gone through.

  14. Perfect prompt for this photo I really love the way you wrote the article and this story is like something reality in today’s world where everywhere such thing happened so I am really pissed when people don’t trust the kids

  15. That is the sad hard truth. This is very well written.

  16. You’ve raised such an important topic, Ruchi. Often molestation victims don’t confess even to their parents for fear of not being believed. Poor Simmi, I wish she can break the bottle she certainly doesn’t deserve to be in.

  17. Agree with you, still there are families where such things are happening. Sad but true. As parents we should believe our children.

  18. You have touched upon a very serious subject through the prompt. Its very well written.
    I too joined BlogALeague recently. Not being very computer savvy was not aware that writing a Blog for this Prompt has ended.
    But some thought did crop up seeing the prompt below your article hence I too wrote a blog based on the same prompt here. :

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