Psychiatric disability and Mental health

Psychiatric disability and Mental health

November 8, 2019 17 By Ruchi Verma

Psychiatric disability or Mental health is something that needs to be understood and taken care of in a better way. Psychiatric disability is something that affects major life activities due to mental illness like communicating, reading, working and many others.

One might experience this issue from years but the symptoms duration or even the intensity vary from person to person. It is quite unsure to predict or tell when and whether the treatment is recommended.

Characteristics of Psychiatric Disability

As I mentioned it’s sometimes difficult to understand when to go for the medical treatment we need to figure out and notice symptoms among the one who you feel is really suffering. Some common symptoms are:

  • Mood swings from highs to low.
  • Feeling too sad or down
  • Too many fears or worries, or extreme feelings of guilt
  • Cut off from friends, relatives, and other social activities.
  • Tiredness, low energy.
  • Detachment from reality.
  • Inability to remember things- Amnesia
  • Excessive anger or violence
  • Suicidal thinking

Types of Mental illness

Psychiatric disability
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Mood Disorders

Mood trigger, mood swings are some symptoms of mood disorder mental illness, now the question is how to understand that your mood swing needs medical treatment.

Now if you start getting negative feelings, depression and in your mood swings you have thoughts of suicide, the problem in sleeping, irritated, loss interest in eating or feeling over-hungry, lose weight or put on too much weight are some major symptoms that time to meet your physician.

Your doctor is the right person to decide how to treat your mood disorder as depends on various tests and condition. This problem can be solved by medication or talk therapy.

Anxiety Disorders

Now there is a difference between mood disorder and anxiety disorder, which need to be understood and taken care sensitively.

It is a feeling of intense fear or uneasiness or even worries. Fear could be of anything or I should say of several things, in which some are known or some fears are unknown, it could be unrealistic expectations, panic, and other physical problems.

You need to visit a doctor if you feel restless, tensed, nervous, fear, without reason trembling, weakness, restless and sleepless nights.

Coming to treatment it could be different for everyone which could include medication, therapies, and exercises which your doctor decides. It’s really shocking result of survey and Indian research done in various sectors on Anxiety disorder

Schizophrenia Disorders

This is the most serious mental disorder and requires lifelong treatment. In this, a person behaves really abnormally. Schizophrenia could result in a combination of delusion, hallucination and extremely disorder behavior and thoughts.

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