#IPromiseToStopFlu For My Child Every Year with Influenza Vaccine

#IPromiseToStopFlu For My Child Every Year with Influenza Vaccine

November 13, 2019 32 By Ruchi Verma

My kids are going to have a vacation soon, so we can relax and have some fun! They love playing in parks, running around (never mind the cold!) and going out! Movies and going to amusement parks top the list of places to go. With this comes in contact with so many people and places. Contagious diseases like cold and flu are inevitable when this happens and by the time vacation is over, we have a battle on our hands namely the flu.

Not anymore! Now, I make sure we all get the flu vaccination or the flu shot before winter starts. I feel that all of us in the family should be safeguarded against the flu. In this way, we have had less downtime from school and office. We are so much happier and healthier after taking this one precaution.

In fact, the flu shot tops our list of things to do during winter. It takes about two weeks for the vaccine to kick in, so we always aim to get the flu shot before the winter break. Now, our family doesn’t come down with flu for a whole year!

Everyone at home – kids, parents, and elders – get the flu shot yearly.

What’s in the Flu Shot?

The traditional flu shot has three killed Influenza viruses in it. When you have the flu shot, these deactivated viruses help your body to build antibodies against the flu. Another type of flu shot has one more killed virus in it and works in the same way. As every year new strains of the Influenza virus get activated, you need to repeat the vaccine yearly for it to be effective always.[1]

How Does it Work?

The deactivated viruses in the vaccine help your body develop antibodies and, in this way, builds your immunity to #StopFlu. Now when the Influenza virus enters your body, your body recognizes it and is able to produce the antibodies needed to fight against this active virus.[2]

Does the Influenza Vaccine Work? Who Should Take It?

This is a big-time question- Does the influenza vaccine work? Of course, it does but when taken in appropriate doses and intervals. Above 6 months of age, everyone should get the Influenza vaccine once a year. According to your age, different dosages or flu shots are recommended.[3] If you have a baby at home below six months, the best way to protect the baby is by all the members of the family getting the vaccine. Older family members above 65 are at risk of getting complications from the flu, so get them vaccinated also.

When Should We Get the Vaccination?

After vaccination, your body needs two weeks to develop the antibodies to identify and fight against the flu. It is best you take the vaccine before the flu season begins. But you can get the vaccine during the flu season as well.[4]

This is why I always get my family vaccinated annually so everyone is safe during the winters.

The first time we all got the flu shot, I asked the doctor if there were any side effects to taking the vaccine. He was kind enough to explain that the usual side effects like fever, swelling at the place of injection may occur but there is no need to panic.[5] My son got a mild fever the first time he was vaccinated, but it was mild and he recovered quickly.

A flu vaccine has many benefits to offer and since we have started getting the shots, I have seen a marked difference in the lowering of the number of times my children fall sick. My list for winter is ready. What about you?

#IPromiseToStopFlu for my child. You?

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