Nandlal Master- Weaver to Mentor

Nandlal born in the family of Saree Weaver in a village called Usrapatti in Varanasi. With six siblings, his mother raised them to her best.

As destiny for Nandlal master was something else, he dropped his college in Murgaha-Benipur village where he was living with his aunt due to the financial condition of his family and returned back.

To support his family he learned the skill of saree weaving on the handloom available at his home and started evening classes for kids in his village.

This inspired other educated people around and they started giving education and teachings to kids in their villages. Taking inspiration and guidance from Nandlal they volunteer themselves for this noble work.

But, he wanted to cover other many issues and situations faced by society and so in the year 1999, along with his colleagues he founded Loksamiti in Rajatalab, Varanasi Uttar Pradesh.

Today, Loksamiti spreading wings across more than 25 villages and their main focus is on educating everyone about their rights, awareness, and education. They are creating awareness on social, economical and political issues by their street play.

Working for women empowerment and rights is also one of the goal of this foundation. They are educating girls of the community and strictly against early marriage, giving the opportunity to learn various skills to stand on their feet.

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Taking full expenses care by the villagers he has started group marriage in less privileged communities. Started in 2007, 13 couples got married in one place and then expenses for food, lodging, gifts, etc. for the couple as well as for the guests are taken care of by the villagers.

His dream to educate and make everyone capable to earn respectfully living through his foundation Loksamiti.

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