Music Basti of Faith Gonsalves

Music Basti was formed in the year 2008 as a small initiative by Faith Gonsalves then student at Lady Sri Ram College, Delhi with her friends and a team of musicians with the sole intention to give every child an inspiring learning opportunity.

Education is one of the fundamental rights of each and every child but kids who are from low-income families or underprivileged get less opportunity. Even kids from under-resourced schools or slums are getting equal guidance and opportunity to learn with Music Basti.

How Music Basti is different from other Music schools?

Music Basti is not only providing basic education but their methodology and curriculum are entirely different from the others. Their approach is explicitly focused on cultivating creativity, community building, confidence building, leadership and above all life skills.

Music Basti

Faith Gonsalves believes that Music is one string that can connect people and unite the world and this is exactly true. This school of Music going to give students and kids who are better human beings with great leadership qualities.

They are focusing equally on technical and theoretical learning of students where kids are not only singing but composing their songs too.

Located in New Delhi, Pune and Dharwad, Karnataka there are 1000+ children who are getting ready for better leaders for tomorrow.

These kids never thought that their life would be so changed with music and when they participate in a mid-year community concert and an end of year public concert their confidence, the level goes up and they share their own composed songs.

Music Basti

Like her name faith, she is certainly bringing faith of better tomorrow for these kids and they will sure shine bright with their talent and leadership. She served as the Executive Director for Integrated Development Education Association (IDEA), for over five years, and led projects on issues related to education, youth development, and gender equity.

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