Have you left something behind climbing stairs of dreams


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Stairs of dreams, I climbed I followed my heart and now when looking back I feel I left behind so many things to achieve that one dream of mine. 

Started from that yellow line carrying with me some luck from friends, some promises which I made to loved one and some happy moments. 

I am blessed to have friends in life still those are crazy mad and some are jhalli like me, but few who was standing with me on that first step are left behind because of my mission to fulfill my dreams. 

I believed that sky is my limit and I have to reach to my dream, but now want to turn back and run these stairs downwards to reach back to my those friends who helped me to find this stair of my dream.

I just want to let them know, maybe because of my lack of communication we are not talking but yes! Yes, I do remember you and treasure your friendship. 

I want to go back to those loved ones and tell them yes I remember my promises it’s just I was little selfish in acquiring my dreams now it’s time to fulfill your wishes and I want to relive all those happy moments again and again to create new and fresh memories. 

Have you ever thought going back, returning back for them who matters a lot for you? Do let me know in comments below. If not, think who is that one person whom you should go back and give a hug and tell “Yes I am sorry for being so selfish in fulfilling my dream”

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  1. Nicely put together. We rush in the race to accomplish but leave those behind.

  2. It has happened with most of us, if not all (sometimes unintentionally) – leaving behind precious relationships for the sake of our ambitions .. so obsessed we would be about fulfilling our dreams that sometimes we fail to see anything else

  3. But it’s heartening that you still remember those whom you left behind, that’s great thing.

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