Yaaron Ki Baraat

Pic Credit: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/topics/topic_friendship4.html
Pic Credit: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/topics/topic_friendship4.html

Yes, this is absolutely true in my case.

I feel lucky to have many good friends in my life, friends last from 30 years, friends from 15-20 years…I cherish my friendship but few friends hold some special place, not because they are different but they do things different…

This post is for my yaara “Surbhi” …(Now don’t smile reading this post ok….) well we are friends from last 2 years only but few people come in life with some heart to heart connection and she is one of that kind.

Well let me Introduce you all to this creature of God which we all call as “Surbhi” …

13095735_1111543835535469_2205843295740986749_nShe is funny, sweet, nice, not innocent, nautanki and above all a girl with a golden heart. MBA by profession, mother of naughty naughty Aru , caring wife, great dancer with smiling face and above all as my hubby says …”Challenge Italy noone can cook pasta like surbhi …..” an amazing chef of our group !!!

Now, you all wold be amazed to know …Surbhi was my hubby’s colleague in office and she left the job for Aru her son, as he needed more attention of this multitalented mother. We never met before but from my hubby I heard so many times about her and especially about her dabba and her cooked batti chokha, that she cooks amazing.

On one weekend, we invited Surbhi and Ajay (her husband …need to mention him too 🙂 ) for dinner that was when I met her first …. I was expecting my second babyimg_6701 at that time … although it was our first meeting but looks liked we know each other from years .. from then our friendship started and must have to admit that she is very caring girl I have came across.

Due to some medical emergency I got admitted to hospital in April and my due date was in July.. those were the toughest days of our life. She made sure that I don’t feel down in any case and stood beside me leaving all..supporting me emotionally and making me smile all time…I delivered my extremely premature baby who went in NICU for long 2 months but she was always there to support and bring smileimg_1420 on my face. My mother always says ” You can easily judge people in your toughest time” and inspite of knowing her from just few months she use to leave her little boy to neighbor and use to be with me to support in hospital all the time…I know that is one thing I can’t pay off …or I should say I’m not kind of a person who speak about it but today I got this platform to say “Thanks Surbhi”, thanks for everything 🙂 ….

Now I am really mean if I don’t mention that she is from Ahmedabad. I don’t know but I do take so much liberty to pull her leg and be blunt on her face telling if she is right or wrong but she never gets angry …(If she gets angry ….let’s see for how many hours ….hahahahaha s mean I’m ) …

She says “I am equal to her 10 mother in law …but I’m not …hehe I’m one of my own kind….Some beautiful moments ….

img_6700 img_6699




Thanks for being such a wonderful friend!!!


Credit : https://quotesgram.com/cute-friendship-quotes-and-sayings-for-girls/
Credit : https://quotesgram.com/cute-friendship-quotes-and-sayings-for-girls/

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Pic Credit :http://www.ozee.com/
Pic Credit :http://www.ozee.com/

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  1. Ooohhhhhhhhh my Godddddd!!!!! Ye kya kiya tumne. Main to kuch bol hi nhi paa rhi hoon. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Such a beautiful post.Surbhi appears like a true friend

    1. Thanks for liking 🙂 she is great friend !

  3. life without friends is like life on a desert island… to find one real friend in a lifetime is good fortune..I’m happy for you and surbhi.

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