Yaaron Ki Baraat

Pic Credit: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/topics/topic_friendship4.html
Pic Cred­it: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/topics/topic_friendship4.html

Yes, this is absolute­ly true in my case.

I feel lucky to have many good friends in my life, friends last from 30 years, friends from 15–20 years…I cher­ish my friend­ship but few friends hold some spe­cial place, not because they are dif­fer­ent but they do things dif­fer­ent…

This post is for my yaara “Surb­hi” …(Now don’t smile read­ing this post ok.…) well we are friends from last 2 years only but few peo­ple come in life with some heart to heart con­nec­tion and she is one of that kind.

Well let me Intro­duce you all to this crea­ture of God which we all call as “Surb­hi” …

13095735_1111543835535469_2205843295740986749_nShe is fun­ny, sweet, nice, not inno­cent, nau­tanki and above all a girl with a gold­en heart. MBA by pro­fes­sion, moth­er of naughty naughty Aru , car­ing wife, great dancer with smil­ing face and above all as my hub­by says …“Chal­lenge Italy noone can cook pas­ta like surb­hi .….” an amaz­ing chef of our group !!!

Now, you all wold be amazed to know …Surb­hi was my hubby’s col­league in office and she left the job for Aru her son, as he need­ed more atten­tion of this mul­ti­tal­ent­ed moth­er. We nev­er met before but from my hub­by I heard so many times about her and espe­cial­ly about her dab­ba and her cooked bat­ti chokha, that she cooks amaz­ing.

On one week­end, we invit­ed Surb­hi and Ajay (her hus­band …need to men­tion him too 🙂 ) for din­ner that was when I met her first .… I was expect­ing my sec­ond babyimg_6701 at that time … although it was our first meet­ing but looks liked we know each oth­er from years .. from then our friend­ship start­ed and must have to admit that she is very car­ing girl I have came across.

Due to some med­ical emer­gen­cy I got admit­ted to hos­pi­tal in April and my due date was in July.. those were the tough­est days of our life. She made sure that I don’t feel down in any case and stood beside me leav­ing all..supporting me emo­tion­al­ly and mak­ing me smile all time…I deliv­ered my extreme­ly pre­ma­ture baby who went in NICU for long 2 months but she was always there to sup­port and bring smileimg_1420 on my face. My moth­er always says ” You can eas­i­ly judge peo­ple in your tough­est time” and inspite of know­ing her from just few months she use to leave her lit­tle boy to neigh­bor and use to be with me to sup­port in hos­pi­tal all the time…I know that is one thing I can’t pay off …or I should say I’m not kind of a per­son who speak about it but today I got this plat­form to say “Thanks Surbhi”, thanks for every­thing 🙂 .…

Now I am real­ly mean if I don’t men­tion that she is from Ahmed­abad. I don’t know but I do take so much lib­er­ty to pull her leg and be blunt on her face telling if she is right or wrong but she nev­er gets angry …(If she gets angry .…let’s see for how many hours .…haha­ha­ha­ha s mean I’m ) …

She says “I am equal to her 10 moth­er in law …but I’m not …hehe I’m one of my own kind.…Some beau­ti­ful moments .…

img_6700 img_6699




Thanks for being such a won­der­ful friend!!!


Credit : https://quotesgram.com/cute-friendship-quotes-and-sayings-for-girls/
Cred­it : https://quotesgram.com/cute-friendship-quotes-and-sayings-for-girls/

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Pic Credit :http://www.ozee.com/
Pic Cred­it :http://www.ozee.com/

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  1. life with­out friends is like life on a desert island… to find one real friend in a life­time is good fortune..I’m hap­py for you and surb­hi.

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