My jhalli friend


When you get a chance to write up for a friend, first per­son name which comes to my mind is your’s Krit­tika Bhatt… Uff too much for me you are kit­ty ? only …

Let me intro­duce you to my read­er … Meet my most love­ly(?) & sweet­heart (?) Friend Kit­ty!!

Well next year it’s going to be 20years of our beau­ti­ful friend­ship (I’m only stretch­ing from so many years, you don’t be so hap­py ). If some­one ask me describe kit­ty ..I would not hes­i­tate to say …

Thodi jhal­li si,
Thodi pagal si,
Thodi natkhat si,
Har baat pe bigadti si,
Har baat par hasti si,
Mushk­il waqt pe chat­tan si,
Aur bachoo ke sang bac­chi,
Jaay­da khush mat hona,
Tum ho bilkul meri jaisi!!! 

(Kit­ty last line just to add rhyme ?)

Yes, she is one of the crazy per­son in this world and from my whole bunch of friends!!!


Oh let me tell my read­ers that she is not at all social ele­ment & I call her “ANTI SOCIAL ELEMENT ” you can’t find her on Face­book, Twit­ter and on what­sapp I think her last seen whould be of 2014 Dec on her birth­day.…. But she is one sweet­est per­son whom I trust blind­ly, I know she cares but she can’t show, I know she is bit dif­fer­ent but as far as I know she is best daugh­ter to her par­ents , best lifepat­ner  for Omi( mera hi school friend mila tujhe shadi karne ko) , best daugh­ter in law and above all my best friend!!! ( If she will read, def­i­nite­ly ask chuha ? {She calls me that } are you Ok?)

20 years and still I can rec­ol­lect all good & bad times we shared togeth­er, yes I like my read­ers to know that if you see and know our friend­ship you will get to know strange friend­ship hap­pens in this world!!! How?? Ok !! Let me explain , we are very best friends share our heart out but not met each oth­er from last 9 years.

She is so good in remem­ber­ing (????) it’s a joke … She don’t even remem­ber my birth­days, I used to call her n tell ” kit­ty aaj mera birth­day hai” and she is like ” shit chuha Maine reminder bhi lagaya tha this year and she for­gets” we use to speak only twice ( on her birth­day & on my birth­day) in a year but I know she is like this … No com­plaints (actu­al­ly have a book of com­plaints ????) but I love her , she know my all secrets and she is one whose advices are nev­er like to always make me hap­py ..she knows if she want to speak bit­ter she will and I love her this!!

Kit­ty Bhai I real­ly love our Tom & Jer­ry (?of course tum tom n main bechari jer­ry?) rela­tion­ship!!

No quotes in this world can describe our friend­ship!!


This post has been writ­ten in asso­ci­a­tion with Chaayos & Blogchat­ter on occa­sion of Friend­ship Day

Thanks for read­ing ? your valu­able com­ment means a lot!!! Do share your com­ments below!!! ??

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  1. it was a won­der­ful descrip­tion o your dosti ruchi since i am a wit­ness to it i can day it is very spe­cial.
    god bless your life­long friend­ship & love.…..

  2. ha ha ha…so true…direct dil se.……thank you Chuha…and this cer­tain­ly saves me form a lot of awk­ward sit­u­a­tion I still face.…:)
    love you Chuha

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