My jhalli friend


When you get a chance to write up for a friend, first person name which comes to my mind is your’s Krittika Bhatt… Uff too much for me you are kitty ? only …

Let me introduce you to my reader … Meet my most lovely(?) & sweetheart (?) Friend Kitty!!

Well next year it’s going to be 20years of our beautiful friendship (I’m only stretching from so many years, you don’t be so happy ). If someone ask me describe kitty ..I would not hesitate to say …

Thodi jhalli si,
Thodi pagal si,
Thodi natkhat si,
Har baat pe bigadti si,
Har baat par hasti si,
Mushkil waqt pe chattan si,
Aur bachoo ke sang bacchi,
Jaayda khush mat hona,
Tum ho bilkul meri jaisi!!! 

(Kitty last line just to add rhyme ?)

Yes, she is one of the crazy person in this world and from my whole bunch of friends!!!


Oh let me tell my readers that she is not at all social element & I call her “ANTI SOCIAL ELEMENT ” you can’t find her on Facebook, Twitter and on whatsapp I think her last seen whould be of 2014 Dec on her birthday….. But she is one sweetest person whom I trust blindly, I know she cares but she can’t show, I know she is bit different but as far as I know she is best daughter to her parents , best lifepatner  for Omi( mera hi school friend mila tujhe shadi karne ko) , best daughter in law and above all my best friend!!! ( If she will read, definitely ask chuha ? {She calls me that } are you Ok?)

20 years and still I can recollect all good & bad times we shared together, yes I like my readers to know that if you see and know our friendship you will get to know strange friendship happens in this world!!! How?? Ok !! Let me explain , we are very best friends share our heart out but not met each other from last 9 years.

She is so good in remembering (????) it’s a joke … She don’t even remember my birthdays, I used to call her n tell ” kitty aaj mera birthday hai” and she is like ” shit chuha Maine reminder bhi lagaya tha this year and she forgets” we use to speak only twice ( on her birthday & on my birthday) in a year but I know she is like this … No complaints (actually have a book of complaints ????) but I love her , she know my all secrets and she is one whose advices are never like to always make me happy ..she knows if she want to speak bitter she will and I love her this!!

Kitty Bhai I really love our Tom & Jerry (?of course tum tom n main bechari jerry?) relationship!!

No quotes in this world can describe our friendship!!


This post has been written in association with Chaayos & Blogchatter on occasion of Friendship Day

Thanks for reading ? your valuable comment means a lot!!! Do share your comments below!!! ??


Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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  1. Nice one…… good luck for your friendship…..
    Happy friendship day…


    1. Shaily!! Happy friendship day to you too dost !!

  2. it was a wonderful description o your dosti ruchi since i am a witness to it i can day it is very special.
    god bless your lifelong friendship & love……

  3. ha ha ha…so true…direct dil se…….thank you Chuha…and this certainly saves me form a lot of awkward situation I still face….:)
    love you Chuha

    1. Finally u got time to visit here !!! As usual nothing new late latif ??

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