Mistake maker!!

Are you one who keep on doing mis­takes?? What I belive is Mis­takes are obvi­ous­ly are step­ping stones towards learn­ing, like we tell kids we all at a point com­mit mis­take. 5 impor­tant things I learned from my mis­takes: My mis­takes made me strong : Yes, my mis­takes has given me steps towards my per­son­al­i­ty…

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Hola my co-blog­gers .…. Are you excit­ed for fun flash­back and con­test as this year is end­ing soon.… #Flash­back­Re­freshed Rules :Manda­to­ry Rules  Fol­low blog for­food­iefam­i­ly and on twit­ter. Like Face­book page of spon­sor Sandy’s Bake Stu­dio and for­food­iefam­i­ly. Write a blog post on ” Which Res­o­lu­tion you take every year and nev­er com­plete, What and who are the…

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5 things brings smile on my face — #WedShadow

Smile is like a mir­ror smile and it will revert u back. I always quote “Smil­ing is best thing…smile a lot as it costs noth­ing ” and seri­ous­ly it real­ly costs noth­ing. There are many things which brings smile 🙂 on my face but if I have to list 5 such things. When I see…

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Adventure to real vegetable chips -TERRA ADVENTURE

OVER 20 YEARS OF DELICIOUSNESS. Ter­ra® Chips are the brain­child of two New York chefs with the sort of entre­pre­neuri­al spir­it that keeps one’s inge­nu­ity and imag­i­na­tion cook­ing. Dana Sin­kler and Alex Dzieduszy­cki each left their jobs at four-star Man­hat­tan restau­rants to begin a mod­est cater­ing busi­ness. I was so delight­ed when got the pack…

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JUG“of my life

It is said “If you want a hap­py mar­ried life , you need to be a good com­pan­ion and friend”, I was always wor­ried when my mom used to say “There is a mar­riage pro­pos­al for yo , let’s talk ..” and my reac­tion was like .…“seri­ous­ly is there any per­son who can be like…

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Voice of India-Nishtha Sharma

She is lit­tle princess of her par­ents, lit­tle pret­ty naughty sis­ter of her big broth­er and a hap­py friend and a good stu­dent but when she sung the sargam even musi­cal and mag­i­cal voice king Shaan can’t con­trol him­self and turned to say I WANT YOU, mul­ti­tal­ent­ed Shekhar was so impressed by her singing that…

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Right decision — #WedShadow

Every deci­sions you take depends on time sit­u­a­tion and val­ues you hold. Some­time life puts you in a sit­u­a­tion where you have to take up a bold and tough deci­sions but it same time requires your patience and val­ues to go ahead and stand for your deci­sions. I took one such deci­sion in my life…

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Happy Momma Moment

For every moth­er the every moment when you see your child smil­ing and play­ing and grow­ing each day is the hap­py moment. When Ira was born in 2008 that day I thought this is my hap­pi­est moment, she com­plet­ed me and my wom­an­hood ..every­day is so hap­py and delight­ful that men­tion­ing one moment is real­ly tough.……

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When I Was A Child

When I was a child I still remem­ber and cher­ish some very hap­py and fun­ny moments of child­hood. One such fun­ny inci­dent I still remem­ber and we often laugh on it. Me and my elder sis­ter used to take a walk of our lane. I was 12–13 years old and very quick in reply­ing and singing…

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