Xtraordinary Woman- Sarita Kashyap

A single mother with a heart of gold is a living example for every human being, Sarita Kashyap lady with a tough life but zeal and passion to feed every hungry human made her a Xtraordinary woman.

Sarita was working as a saleswoman in the automobile industry, and in 2019 she quit her job for giving her life new meaning by doing something for needy people.

She started her food stall – Apna Pann Rajma Chawal in Delhi west, Peeri Garhi and feed hungry street kids, homeless people, and ragpickers.

Early morning you can spot her by 11:30 am with her scooter set as her food stall with a portable table and carriers towards Peera Garhi Bus Depot where she comes from her home Meera Bagh.

Till her last box of Rajma chawal not finishes she stays there usually for 3-4 hours. Sarita is earning her livelihood from this and educating her daughter.

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Her stall is so well known that people make a queue before she reaches the spot to feed them. Relish the homemade Rajma chawal with Raita and onion salad in just 40 Rs for half plate and 60 Rs for a full plate.

All needy and hungry kids in that area know that they will surely get their meal of the day when Aunty arrives.

I write this post under 26 inspiring stories series for AtoZ challenge hosted by Blogchatter!!

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  1. A great dedication Ruchi. I can’t imaging doing such a task on a daily basis. #Salute #Respect
    — rightpurchasing.com

  2. This is certainly an inspiring story. More power to Ms. Kashyap, and thank you for the post.

    I did have a query though. She feeds the poor and homeless for free and other people pay for the food. That’s how it works, right?

    1. Yes…she feed poor people for free

  3. As if it was not brave enough that she is a single mother, she had added another quotient to it by being a noble heart! Commendable job. Salute to this Shero Sarita Kashyap.

  4. This was beautiful and inspiring story. I hope more people like Sarita Kashyap existed in the world. I know everyone’s doing their bit but more would be good too

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