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Women’s web is one of the largest platforms for every woman to share their stories through digital media across the real world. Founder Aparna started this platform to empower women and give them space to come share, learn, and grow together.

This fastest growing online women community and when I asked Aparna that why and how she got an idea to give such a big platform to us she mentioned that, “the fundamental idea that women have diverse needs, diverse tastes, diverse experiences, and need a space where they can share all parts of their lives. At the time when I began, conventional women’s magazines focused primarily on beauty and fashion, and I felt that while we may love those, we have many, many more interests in our lives. As there is a big transition of women making their way into the workplace, we also needed a platform that focused on this aspect of women’s lives – careers and personal growth.

Women’s web keeps on organizing different programs and events for women across India and has done with 9 cities including metros and towns. But now they are even focusing on getting connected digitally with webinars and live chats too.

Every set up starts with some challenges and so this platform too but as Aparna believes in giving best to overcome and so she got out of those teething troubles.

Talking about Women’s web we just can’t miss Orange flower awards, which every blogger and writer wait an entire year. When we talk about women, girls, or feminine we consider something like pink but why this award’s logo is different and what does it symbolize?

Aparna mentioned ” It’s orange – it’s vibrant and bold, which we feel symbolizes the rising aspirations of Indian women. It is layered, showing the many layers that exist to our experiences and expectations. We also wanted to move away from the stereotypical pink, which while a fine enough color in its own right, has become associated with what is meant to be traditionally feminine.

Giving advice to budding writers, authors, bloggers she says “ I think one suggestion, especially for new authors, is to find yourself a mentor – someone whose work you look up to and see if they can give you constructive feedback. Writing is solitary work, and good feedback really helps

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