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Winters, the sea­son of beau­ti­ful weath­er, chilly winds and some hot tea. Well, if you don’t have this Te-A-Me tea, cer­tain­ly going to miss out some­thing which is worth and real­ly add essence to life and this win­ter sea­son.

About Te-A-Me:

Te-A-MeTE-A-ME is brought to you by Mad­hu Jayan­ti Inter­na­tion­al Lim­it­ed — a 70-year-old com­pa­ny with a lega­cy of pro­duc­ing fine teas and sole moto “ to con­tin­u­ous­ly fla­vor fresh­ness in every sip of tea con­sumed around the world”

I was so hap­py to receive 4 amaz­ing fla­vors from Te-A-Me and after try­ing the­se I felt that yes, I should give my hon­est review about each fla­vor to my read­ers. 


  1. Green Tea — Puri­fy
  2. Tul­si Green Tea- Restore
  3. Orange Gin­ger- Reju­ve­nate
  4. Hon­ey lemon green tea- Renew

Te-A-Me Green Tea — Purify:


I have peo­ple around me who are green tea lovers and the ratio of con­sump­tion of green tea is increas­ing every year. With so many health ben­e­fits like over­weight, dia­betes, heart dis­ease, oral health, blood pres­sure, depres­sion and much more this is becom­ing hit in dai­ly life. 

Main, key or say the only ingre­di­ent this pack of Te-A-me hold is GREEN TEA, fresh­ly hand­picked tea leaves from Assam and Dar­jeel­ing. 

One pack con­tains 25 tea bags. 

MRP: 135 Rs/- (Buy Here

Te-A-Me Tulsi Green Tea — Restore:

This is as per its name and fla­vor with key ingre­di­ents like Green Tea(50%) and Tulsi(50%) best for your cold and cough. I have used this and now this is on my top list.


You will get tul­si and a very mild sweet taste in every sip. I will rec­om­mend this as it will going to increase your metab­o­lism rate, boosts ener­gy.

Buy your pack of 25 tea bags in 150 rs/- from HERE

Te-A-Me Orange Ginger Tea — Rejuvenate:

This is per­fect to boost your mood and revive your sens­es with amaz­ing fla­vors of orange peel, gin­ger, apple pomace, cin­na­mon clove and hibis­cus will cre­ate mag­ic after long tir­ing day.


Get your pack of 25 tea bags Here in just 225 Rs/-

Te-A-Me Honey  Lemon Green Tea — Renew: 

As soon I took one sip I was back to mem­o­ry lane, as my father always in his life till he lived only had lemon and hon­ey tea. 

With Lemon, Hon­ey and Green tea as key ingre­di­ents it acts as a body cleanser and helps remove tox­ins from the body, aids in diges­tion, boosts the immune sys­tem, an effec­tive home rem­e­dy for com­mon ail­ments like colds and sore throats. 


This 25 tea packs are avail­able here in just 150Rs/- 


I must admitteame green teas are not bit­ter, its bet­ter green tea”.

Apart from the­se 4 vari­ants, there are more vari­ants of tea avail­able on their web­site here. Buy any of 20% dis­count by just adding dis­count code RUCHI20


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7 Thoughts to “Te-A-Me || Tea time with me”

  1. The brand has some real­ly nice fla­vors. I have tried Hon­ey Lemon green tea but not oth­ers. The price is rea­son­able as well Like 25 packs in 150 Rs, is great deal.

  2. I loved the brand name and huge vari­ety of fla­vors. Thanks for intro­duc­ing me to Tea me!!

  3. Priyanka Patwari

    All fla­vors looks awe­some .. Green tea is my all time favourite but I nev­er tried orange gin­ger.. Say me about the taste.. very excit­ed to sip it

  4. Alexx Bloom

    Gin­ger tea will be my voice because in win­ter weath­er it pro­tects you from cold , green tea be my favorite for get­ting some extra boost

  5. Just sip­ping this in my hotel room in Goa. The Assam tea ver­sion is quite nice.

  6. I am new to green teas and most of them taste real­ly bit­ter which real­ly puts me off. Since Teame teas do tastes not cer­tain and are sure shot way to health, I am going to try it.

  7. Very inter­est­ing post. Brand seems to be amaz­ing with var­ied tea fla­vors. Great review.

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