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Welcome to my coach of #NYFash­ion­Train start­ing today until 31st to show you some fash­ion state­ment with 11 fash­ion­istas. Check out how you can style in like Bol­ly­wood style.

Bol­ly­wood we all love and there are icons of Bol­ly­wood whom we look up as our style and fash­ion icons. Pre­sent­ing five diva’s from an ocean of Bol­ly­wood and shar­ing their looks which you can try for upcom­ing New year eve.. YAY!!! It’s new year time!!!!

Style in like Bollywood style- Deepika Padukone:

She is diva with great style state­ment and her one acces­so­ry which she always car­ry is her infec­tious smile 🙂 

PC: Insta­gram account of Deepika

Black is some­thing I real­ly feel is roy­al and fits in any occa­sion and this one piece dress is per­fect for the evening to say good­bye to past and wel­come new day.

Style like Deepika but don’t for­get to car­ry her acces­so­ry with you a SMILE 🙂 

Style in like Bollywood style- Priyanka Chopra:

This diva of Bol­ly­wood is my fav when she bought blue crown Miss World 2000 in her pink beau­ti­ful out­fit. Check out I recre­at­ed her Miss World look here

PC: Insta­gram of PC

You can be a cen­ter of attrac­tion on the New Year eve if you car­ry this beau­ti­ful pink gown. I love this and it has to car­ry with an atti­tude, atti­tude to con­quer the world. 

Style in like Bollywood style- Katrina Kaif:

She is rul­ing indus­try with her act­ing, inno­cence, and action, return­ing with Salman khan Tiger Zin­da Hai, is my most await­ed movie to watch which is releas­ing tomor­row.

PC: Insta­gram of Katri­na Kaif

Car­ry this New year Zoya’s look with a cool leather jack­et and you can grab one from near­est fbb store (check out my take on their col­lec­tion- here). Den­im is always in and pair with a black leather jack­et to rule the world. 

Style in like Bollywood style- Sonam Kapoor:

She is known as a fash­ion icon of Bol­ly­wood indus­try and her every look turns into style state­ment and now when we are talk­ing about get­ting style like Bol­ly­wood diva’s then she has to be in this list.

PC: Insta­gram of Son­am Kapoor

This one piece shim­mer­ing gown will add class to your style and I real­ly loved the shim­mer­ing shade on top. Be a diva with this look.

Style in like Bollywood style– Alia Bhatt:

Youth icon she car­ries her­self with dig­ni­ty and pride. She is bub­bly and her style is real­ly mak­ing Indi­an youth to fol­low her.

PC: Insta­gram of Alia Bhatt

This off shoul­der black and white one piece is sure­ly sim­ple but very classy and styl­ish. Just style your­self with dig­ni­ty and smile and you can be most beau­ti­ful as all Bol­ly­wood Divas.

ABOUT Fashion-a-Thon #NYFashionTrain

Start­ing today from my sta­tion this train will take you to won­der­ful fash­ion­istas blog­gers blog and you can check out what they are going to bring from their store for you.

There are 11 blog sta­tions you will hop to. Next sta­tion is of Dipika’s glee­ful­blog­ger

Dipika is one of the most ver­sa­tile blog­ger with always hap­py to help atti­tude, she is spread­ing her knowl­edge through her glee­ful­blog­ger blog.…Hop to her blog and check out what she is shar­ing for this new year from her fash­ion col­lec­tion.”

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For more details do fol­low VLCC on Face­book, Twit­ter, and Insta­gram

Tell me in com­ment sec­tion which look you want to car­ry this New year. 



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20 Thoughts to “#NYFashionTrain Style in like Bollywood style”

  1. Won­der­ful styles, you have got the chord right in choos­ing the trend set­ters. We love dress­ing like them and keep tak­ing inspi­ra­tions from their styles. Katrina’s bomber & Alia’s gown were my per­son­al favorites.

  2. I think NY needs some bling and Son­am Kapoor’s style has that all. Any­ways she is a fash­ion icon and always appre­ci­at­ed for her classy attire. Very excit­ed to see what Fash­ionathon caters next.

  3. I will go for the third one, the diva Katri­na Kaif.…Denim with Jack­et is my fav. Thanks for shar­ing the best Bol­ly looks.

  4. Great Selection…That pink gown of Priyanka Chopra is just per­fect for a New Year par­ty.

  5. Devika jain

    Great selec­tion .…. Mine per­son­al favourite is 1st one bcz black colour is mine favourite look by deepika mam and last one look by alia bhatt ??both looks goes per­fect for new year

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  7. Wooow loved your hand picked style and the way you have done the entire fash­ion peice mix­ing it with Bol­ly­wood

  8. One thing about Deepika tru­ly is her smile she can car­ry any out­fit with utmost ease. I feel Alia also car­rys most of her out­fits well. Son­am is a fash­ion­ista. Great post. All trenset­ters.

  9. Wow awe­some styl­ish col­lec­tion . I per­son­al­ly like Katri­na Kaif Den­im with Jack­et look­ing superb..

  10. Deepika Padukone is slay­ing it com­plete­ly. Loved her look the most though you have select­ed all the right and best Bol­ly­wood looks.

  11. Amrita

    The­se are excel­lent fash­ion choic­es you shared.I am a big Alia fan!

  12. Papri Ganguly

    I just admire Katri­na and love her styling with dem­in and jack­et. Love­ly post

  13. Real­ly awe­some col­lec­tion . Love the style of Deepika Padukone

  14. Amaz­ing list. Son­am Kapoor is not my style icon but I like her style. Beau­ti­ful post.

  15. Wow what won­der­ful style ideas. I loved what Priyanka wore by the way.

  16. The black dress is my favorite in fact all the styles are hard to ignore

  17. I loved Son­am Kapoor girly and fem­i­nine style

  18. Awe­some Bol­ly­wood Styles ! thx for shar­ing, every­thing in detail ! I like the Katerina’s look the most !

  19. Shreemayee Chattopadhyay

    Love all the looks. But if you ask me which one I am gonna try, would be Deepika Padukone one.

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