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Geetanjali Singh, was in news from last month after she crowned as Mrs. India Queen 2017. Wigglingpen got chance to interact and bring out for readers a quick chit chat with her.

She is beautiful, bold and woman who dream and dare to bring those dreams life. Check out what she has to tell to you all. 


Q1: Breaking barriers and holding tiara of pride, being called as queen of India, Mrs. India 2017 how does it feel?

Geetanjali: It is an amazing journey where you see dreams converting into reality. I think the greatest barrier to success lies within. Once overcome all others are bound to be broken.Geetanjali It is an immense pleasure to be called as Mrs. India Queen 2017 but was never possible without the continuous and unconditional support from family, friends, Well wishes, and all my fans.
Q2: Who is your inspiration?

Geetanjali: Mrs. Michelle Obama and Sushmita Sen. I see the embodiment of stronger women in them. They have proved themselves in their respective fields, which does not require any explanation here.

Q3: How your family reacted to this success and how they supported?

Geetanjali: My family has supported me all the time during this journey and are really happy at this moment. They were present at the pageant’s finale which was really a very supportive moment in itself. I’m especially thankful to my daughter to constantly support me During this long journey
Q4: Tell something about your future plans?

Geetanjali: For now I am concentrating on Mrs. Asia and Mrs. World pageant for the upcoming years.

Q5: Your biggest support on this journey?

Geetanjali: As already mentioned earlier my biggest support was my daughter who inspired and motivated me during preparatory moments. She usually said ‘mamma, I shall take care of myself, you can concentrate on the competition

Q6: Anyone change you want to bring after winning this title?Geetanjali

Geetanjali: Yes, I would like to inspire the ladies of small and medium towns to come up and recognize themselves. I see that ladies spend their whole life for others i. e. family, husband, children where they themselves forget their own existence. It shall be my effort if I could support them and inspire them to take some time for themselves

Q7: Any memory from the pageant you want to share?

Geetanjali: It was a great experience being with the participants coming from different states of the country. Being with them, I could get a chance to closely experience the cultures and living, which we sometimes refer as diversity (and still the unity).
Q8: Any message to beautiful ladies who want to go ahead with such titles?

Geetanjali: Yes, I would like to say that please come up, have a good diet plan and focus on improving your energy levels while trying to gain a perfect shape. Communication skills and confidence are some of the most important virtues that shall help.
Thanks for giving me an opportunity to express my thoughts and being on your coveted blog. Thanks very much.

Geetanjali Geetanjali Geetanjali

Congratulations !! once again and wish you much more glory and success.


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